Friday, 24 July 2015

Friday Threes - Moments, blog posts and songs

marie claire old magazines back issues

1 - Hanging out in Edinburgh - I volunteered to help out at a conference in Edinburgh on Tuesday and it was a surprisingly fun day.  All I was really responsible for was handing out names tags and goody bags to delegates (most of whom had collected theirs the day before) and directing them around the venue.  Oh, and stopping outsiders entering the conference area, a task my many years of cinema ushering put me in good stead for!  I met lots of cool people from around the world and even managed to sneak out for lunch with Tam.

2 - Hanging out with K - I took a late start at work one day last week and met my pal in town for brunch.  We went to Cup for waffles, pancakes and tea, and talked for as long as we possibly could before my responsible adult brain kicked in and I went off to do some work.  Boo.  K brought me some magazines in a fabby bag that I had every intention of returning's just too good to give back.  I was also dreadfully disorganised all week and took no pictures of anything fun, so enjoy the magazine shot above.

3 - Hanging out with M - My oldest friend came home for a quick visit this week.  She's twelve days older than me so has already felt the pain of turning thirty, but we discussed it in depth anyway.  No, I'm not ready to stop going on about aging.  Sorry.  We also discovered we each shared an office with the most annoying colleagues ever, so it was nice to get some sympathy on that front while we demolished giant slices of chocolate cake.  (My mum's idea of sympathy is telling me to suck it up and stop being a baby, so it's no wonder I was frustrated.  And mad because she's totally right.)

Blog posts
1 - Simple gathered skirt on Paper Tiger - I love the simple beauty of this handmade skirt, and I'm coveting that gorgeous tartan fabric.

2 - Sheila's Hexiscenes on Mochimochi Land - (Grammarly tried to correct that to 'sex scenes' so good thing I was paying attention...) Those hexipuffs we've all been making?  Someone has used them as a base for tiny knitted scenes.  It's the best kind of art.

3 - Escape to the Seaside - I'm cheating a bit here, but I loved writing this latest post for the Time Out blog and I just want to share it more.  For anyone based in Glasgow/the west of Scotland, follow this guide for a great day at the seaside.

1 - 'A case of you' by Gabrielle Aplin - A cover of the classic Joni Mitchell song.  I love listening to Gabrielle's voice.  My Watch Later list on YouTube is full of her videos.

2 - 'One last time' by Arianna Grande - I've never liked any of her songs before or since but this has been stuck in my head for weeks and shows no signs of going away.

3 - 'Stubborn love' by The Lumineers - A lot of songs in my playlist come from movie trailers and this is one of those.  If you've seen the 'August: Osage County' trailer, you've probably fallen for this song.

What's everyone up to this weekend?  We're heading up the east coast for a spot of camping - keep your fingers crossed for dry weather!


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