Friday, 10 July 2015

Friday Threes - Moments, Instagrammers and Christmas in July

bargain wool aran charity shop new

1 - Getting to hang out with Mother all weekend - I worked later on Friday to avoid the traffic and had the easiest drive home ever, meaning my sanity was still intact when I arrived a mere 80 minutes later.  I feel like I've discovered a secret rule of driving or something - don't leave work early on a Friday, wait until six when everyone else is already home!  I need to do this later when I go to Tam's...  Anyway, the weekend was very relaxing - Saturday I went to the charity shops (all two of them), took outfit pictures and wrote some blog posts.  On Sunday, Mother dyed my hair and I felt it was necessary to stay in my pjs all day, plus she made me roast dinner and we planned a knitting collaboration.  I win at weekends.

2 - Buying all the shoes.  Then returning all the shoes - Zara sizing seems to have its own set of rules.  My feet are a size 7.  I ordered four pairs of shoes in a 7 and boots in an 8 (for cosy sock space)  They were all too small.  I did appreciate that they seem to cater for narrow feet but I couldn't even get some of the pairs on.  Get it together Zara.

3 - Finding bargain wool - Oops, my moments turned a bit materialistic this week!  I did really like this awesome charity shop bargain though - nine balls of Aran wool for £4.50.  Plus I found them at the end of the day so I've no idea how they were still there.  Lucky me.

I've not long joined Instagram (find me here) and there are so many good accounts on there!  I had to share a few favourites...

1 - everythinglooksrosie - I loved Rosie's style already from her blog and her Instagram has all this and more.  

2 - junkaholique - snippets of family life on the Isle of Wight - it seems to be endlessly warm and sunny there, I need to move!

3 - bmandarines - so many beautiful knitting pictures.  I just want to pick up my needles and settle into a comfy chair whenever I look at them.

christmas july yarn baskets holiday lights gingerbread house

Christmas in July
Love Knitting have been talking Christmas knitting this week - it's only fair to give crafters as much warning as possible when it comes to making up our festive creations!  Here's what I had in mind...

1 - Yarn Basket Ornament - I made these last year for the mothers and they went down very well.  I had to doctor the pattern a bit to get it to work out how I wanted, but I love how they turned out and I think it's about time I made myself one!

2 - Amigurumi Holiday Lights - These were another of last year's creations and a big hit in the Christmas window.  They'll definitely be coming out again this year.

3 - Gingerbread House - I haven't made this one up yet (picture from here) but it's top of my holiday knitting list.  I was ready to start it around last Christmas but I ran out of steam.  Look how cute though!

How's everyone's week been?  Are we all ready for some weekend chill out?  I know I am...


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