Friday, 3 July 2015

Friday Threes - TV, pins and blogs

TV shows monarch of the glen mad men humans

1 - Monarch of the Glen - I just finished the entire thing last night, yay!  I've been rewatching Monarch for months on (American) Netflix and although the later episodes were a bit rubbish, it was just as great as I remembered.  We always watched it on TV on a Sunday night -  I remember when each episode ended I'd get ready for bed and dread going to school the next day.  Not that I hated school really, there were just a million better things I could see myself doing.  Like marrying a laird and living in a castle in the Highlands.  Not that the show put ideas in my head or anything...

2 - Mad Men - When my internet was gone for a week last month I finally got started on Mad Men, which had been sitting on my laptop for ages waiting to be watched.  I might be the last person in the world not to have seen this show.  Well, I saw part of season one not long after it came out but my memories of it were pretty vague...  So I've started again.  As I guessed they would be, the costumes are my favourite part.  I was expecting to like it more (I'm not keen on any of the characters so far), but I'm not ready to stop watching yet so something interesting better happen soon!

3 - Humans - I sort of caught this show by accident - my memory for live TV is so bad that I set weekly alarms for Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey.  If I happen to see anything else it's just pure luck.  Anyway, I started Humans because Katherine Parkinson from The IT Crowd is in it.  Yup, all it takes is one familiar face to get me to watch something.  She's on more serious form than usual though, playing the mother of a family who buys a human-like robot to serve as their housekeeper.  What could possibly go wrong?  Well actually, nothing really, so far...  We're three episodes in and it appears to be a bit of a slow burner, but hopefully this means some action is on the way.  The actress who plays their robot is especially brilliant, and I'm curious to see what she's like in real life.

blue clothing kimono dress summer jeans florals

1 - Chambray dress (pinned here) - I seem to have gone for a blue theme this week!  When I was little my gran made me a dress in similar waffley type fabric and now I think I need an adult version...

2 - Urban Outfitters Kimono (pinned here) - I wasn't really a fan of the kimono trend until I saw this one - from far away it looks like it has a tiny palm tree print.

3 - DIY patchwork jeans (pinned here) - I need to do this.  Perfect summer jeans.

I found these fab blogs recently so they had to be shared.

1 - The robot that had a heart - A cute style blog with a great written accompaniment, not a mixture one often sees!

2 - Me and Orla - A very pretty lifestyle blog covering a bit of everything.

3 - The Salty Sea blog - Awesome outfits and stunning outdoors shots, this Cornwall based blog is a new favourite.


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