Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Tam's household got a new addition this weekend.  Meet Jake.  He's a rough collie like Parsnip was, although he's eight years younger (so, four right now) and a ball of energy.  He likes to follow everyone every time they move, he licks toes and his favourite biscuits are Digestives.  He has great taste, clearly.  If we disregard the toe thing anyway...  Plus he's totally gorgeous - look at all that hair!  Although after two rounds with Tam's mum and a grooming brush, he has significantly less of it.

Annoyingly, I'm now fairly sure I have a pet allergy - I thought I'd escaped hay fever/summer cold season this year but when my stuffy nose and heavy eyes returned at the weekend, I made a guess at this being the culprit.  Still, that cute wee face makes up for feeling rubbish.  Let's hope Jake likes lots of fresh air and beach walks - if summer ever comes back we might finally get outside with him!


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