Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Photo an Hour Day - Saturday 18th July

07.40 - I'm awake and reading.  Trying to get through my book before it's due back at the library this week.

08.53 - Still in bed, still reading.  Making very slow progress....

10:19 - Washed, dressed and hair done, ready to face the weather.  Unfortunately, I'm back in socks after making a big deal about how summer is not the time for socks or jackets.  It's definitely not summer though.

10.56 - I met my friend A at the station and we got the train to Glasgow Central for the day's big activity - a work outing involving a backstage tour of Central Station followed by lunch and cake.

12.11 - Still on the tour.  I was delighted when we were told we could take all the pictures we wanted - there will definitely be a more in-depth post about this trip soon!

13.25 - Waiting for food in 13th Note.  I had pizza and chips.  It was fine.  Meh.

14.18 - Caaake!  After lunch we went across the road to Once Upon a Tart for dessert.  My cake expert friend assured me it was amazing and after careful testing, I can confirm this to be true.  I had carrot cake topped with thick, sprinkle-covered icing and yup, amazing.  Tam went for chocolate amaretto cheesecake and, as someone who is not a cheesecake fan, I was gutted I didn't get it.  Best cake I've tasted all year.  We're definitely going back soon.

15.41 - Tam, A and I decided to walk home to burn off some cake calories, and I got distracted by mirrored office buildings, a bridge and a fountain.  We beat the rain though.

17.02 - Home.  Shoes off.  Bed.  I tried to read but fell asleep, and woke up grumpy and annoyed with myself at six thirty.

20.00 - Grumpy Elise also forgot to take pictures, so these were from our post dinner, must-eat-all-the-junk-now phase of the day.

20.54 - Tam claimed the lounge when my flatmate went out.  I hate this room with a passion (for various reasons, none interesting) but agreed to sit on the sofa instead of my bedroom floor for a couple of hours.  We watched Parks and Recreation and I knitted, then we went to bed just after ten.  A pretty typical end to the day anyway!

Who else did Photo an Hour this weekend?


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