Tuesday, 4 August 2015

A (birth) day in the life

birthday message phone text

In what has now become a birthday tradition, I documented my day on Friday.  It's almost photo-an-hour, except I give myself more wiggle room here since some pictures are just too fun not to include (*cough* minion wrapping paper *cough*).  This is the year I turned thirty, and I was equal parts dreading it and resigned to it.  I think I finally became a grown up this year but...we'll see.

My day started with a text from Mother, right when my alarm went off.  Her timing was pretty impeccable.

stripe shirt skinny jeans leopard loafers vintage bag

I had to shower in the morning instead of the night before because an inept maintenance guy re-sealed our bath instead of our neighbour's.  Still, I was surprisingly organised for that time of the day...  I'm wearing a charity shop shirt and bag, Long Tall Sally jeans and M&S leopard loafers (details of them coming in tomorrow's post!)

glasgow central station train platform

My colleague met me at the station and we got the train to work.  Usually we drive but today's plans called for public transport...  

birthday pink balloons banner 30

My office buddy decorated my desk!  We only celebrate 'big' birthdays here and another colleague turned 50 a couple of days before, so the staff room was decorated for her then switched out for me.  The best part was the abundance of cake, obviously.

malteser chocolate birthday cake 30

A made me a cake!  She's a fab baker and I put my request in months ago for her Malteser chocolate cake - we had double billed at the cinema the night before so I was worried I was depriving her of baking time, but she was super prepared and just hid it under her desk for a couple of days.

minion wrapping birthday paper

Minion birthday paper!  I got some fabby Game of Thrones/knitting themed gifts too, and a voucher for Cup, which means I'll be eating cake for months to come.  We all crowded into the staff room and had cake for breakfast and since I requested no singing, everyone whistled the Happy Birthday song.

phone samsung lets knit competition

Pre-cake, I sent a quick entry in for the Let's Knit Top 5 Reader Makes competition on Twitter - I do this every time and figured birthday luck might help me out this week, and it did.  My chevron baby blanket won!  I have no idea yet what I've won, but the victory is sweet :)

building site scaffolding

After lunch, we were off on a work outing.  Our building is moving soon and we went to see the new one.  It's still very much a work in progress, but it was fun to get a look at the scale of things after looking at plans for over a year.  If my contract gets extended, hopefully I'll be here this time next year!

tile floor boots workshop

We were all looking super hot in our steel toecap boots, vests and hard hats.  My boots were a size small since they'd run out of mine, so it was a slightly painful walk about.

cider brewdog glasgow

Post site visit, we headed to the pub for birthday drinks.  We hung out here for an hour or so before some of us went for dinner and the others went home.

wall menus chalk boards firebird glasgow

Pizza and polenta fries for dinner at Firebird in the west end.  It was delicious.  A few folk wanted ice cream afterwards so we walked further along the street in the rain and were rewarded with giant scoops of mint choc chip, coconut and chocolate, smothered in hot Nutella sauce.  Obviously I was too busy holding my cone in one hand and umbrella in the other to take a picture.

kelvingrove glasgow art gallery museum night

A and I planned to walk home with our ice cream, but we got dragged into the nearest hipster bar for another drink.  This was definitely a mistake and we left as soon as we could!  It was still pouring rain but I managed to capture Kelvingrove in the dusk light.

minion slippers pjs

Home, soaked, pjs on, having a sit down before going to bed.  The next day was more birthday themed, with Tam bringing pressies and going out for tapas with my favourite buddies, but this day was pretty darn good too.  And I managed to go out for dinner five nights in a row (only three were birthday themed mind you...) which makes for a pretty perfect week in my eyes.

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