Tuesday, 25 August 2015

A walk along the Clyde

river clyde glasgow

I've now lived in Glasgow for over a year.  It doesn't seem that long somehow - I don't get lost so much any more (I call it 'adventuring' anyway) but I think I know a handful of place names near me and a few in the city, then after that I need landmarks as place markers when I'm giving directions.  Obviously I worked out pretty quickly where the best charity shops were, but ask me about the best bars on my street and I'll refer you to my out-of-town friend who knows where to get the best and worst of everything food and drink related in the city.  I did manage to boost my knowledge slightly over the weekend though, with a walk along the Clyde.

My friend A lives a few streets away from me and we'd been discussing whether we could walk from her place into town along the river-side path.  After a bit of zig-zagging to get ourselves down there, we started our walk at the Meadowside Quay flats and wandered all the way up to St Enoch Centre near Central Station.  Thinking of walking that way too?  Here's what to look out for...

riverside museum glasgow

Riverside Museum & Tall Ship
From Kelvinhall to the Riverside, the transport museum is one of my favourite places to visit in Glasgow.  Not only is it entirely free, it has such a fantastic collection of historical pieces on diplay, from old cinema memorabilia to 1930s dresses to toys from the 70s.  Oh, and not forgetting the original transport theme - my favourite vehicle is an ambulance identical to one my gran used to drive, but the wall of cars is pretty special too.

sign clyde river walk glasgow

glasgow science centre tower river

Science Centre, TV studios and Glasgow Tower
Across the river is another place of learning - Glasgow Science Centre.  The only thing of interest to me there is the IMAX cinema (I'm not a huge fan of interactive type museums) but the building is a pretty gorgeous window-fronted affair.  Next door is the BBC studios and further along are the STV ones.  Then there's the tower.  I sort of want to go up to the observation deck but with the patchy opening hours and history of problems, I also would rather just gaze on it from afar...

covered bridge glasgow bbc

sse hydro concert glasgow

SECC, Clyde Auditorium and SSE Hydro
Back on the north path of the river, we came to Glasgow's biggest music and conference venues.  I've seen many a concert and been to many a random fair in those halls, although I still haven't made it to the Hydro yet.  I nearly pulled the trigger on Florence and the Machine tickets the other day but I'm still not sure.  Part of me thinks it might just be too big a venue to be an enjoyable experience.

clyde river walk crane tower glasgow

finniston crane glasgow clyde river

Finniston Crane
This is where our knowledge got a bit patchy.  We knew the crane was for loading ships at one time or another, but that's about it.  Further investigation revealed it was also used to for fitting ships engines, and it's the largest of the four cranes still left along the river.  Apparently it still works, which would definitely be worth seeing.

squinty bridge clyde arc glasgow river

kingston bridge glasgow river

There's the squinty bridge, the Kingston bridge, the pretty footpath bridge, the semi-covered bridge, the railway bridge...  Yup, I only know one of the actual bridge names.  Although for all I know, the squinty bridge is actually called that.  (Just checked.  It's not.  It's called the Clyde Arc.  Oooh but locals call it the Squinty Bridge!  Check me out, all Glaswegian.)

the ferry bar glasgow clyde river

The Ferry
It's mostly bridges, apartments and offices between the Hydro and town, but this cafe drew our attention.  Mostly because we couldn't work out if it was still in business or not.  I could have sworn I saw someone inside but we passed after noon when any regular cafe would have been open, so...  Another Google search revealed that it's open during the week, 9-5.  Useful.  Although it also seems to be a function venue and has a mad retro website, so it could be worth a look some time to see what lies inside...

clyde bridges glasgow

ladies waiting room building glasgow river

lady statue glasgow river

Ladies waiting room and statue
After walking under a couple of bridges we emerged to find this awesome sign and this statue.  We learned on the Central Station tour that there are only seven statues of women in Glasgow and we just accidentally found one of them - a tribute to the men and women who fought against fascism in the Spanish Civil War.

We left the river at that point and walked up to St Enoch Centre to have lunch, then along to Once Upon a Tart for cake (always cake) and M&S to check out the sales.  Our walk took about two hours from start to finish, but it could have been a bit quicker if we hadn't been pootling along, taking our pictures and exercising our mouths as well as our feet.  Personally, I like our way of walking best.

Has anyone done this walk?  We need to go further along next time and investigate Glasgow Green and the surrounding area.  Or better yet, the south side.  I'm still not good at anywhere south of the river and I think the charity shop possibilities might be good down there...


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