Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Dinner at Frankie and Benny's, Glasgow Fort

menu frankie and bennys fort glasgow

Who's been to Glasgow Fort recently?  Before last week, it was easily six whole years since my last visit, which I see now is insane.  There's so much out there!  With M&S, Fat Face and Wagamama newly opened and Hobbycraft already there to tempt me, it's like someone took all my favourite places, gave them fantastically long opening hours (9am-10pm on weekdays, people!) and stuck them within easy driving distance, just waiting for me to discover them.  

What was the reason for my triumphant return to out of town shopping, you ask?  I was asked to review Frankie and Benny's new Red Sauce Revolution menu and since I never miss an opportunity to avoid cooking dinner, I was in.  I took my friend A along, who has been kicking ass on Slimming World this year and was worried she wouldn't find anything suitable to eat.  Luckily the menu is so extensive that she not only found something but had a hard time working out what to choose.

fruit frozen cocktails frankie and bennys fort glasgow

First though, we had to tackle the serious task of choosing which mocktail to drink first.  (Guess who drove us there after work?  I regretted that after seeing the rest of the drinks menu, that's for sure...)  It was Frankie's Fruit Punch for A and Gentle Breeze for me, both sweet and refreshing concoctions.  A followed her punch up with a frozen Pina Colada that also got the seal of approval, especially since it helped us pretend we were abroad somewhere instead of Scotland...  Still, we timed it perfectly to try out the outside seating - it might have been the warmest night we've had all summer!

rosemary bread oil balsamic dip frankie and bennys fort glasgow

ceasar salad starter frankie and bennys fort glasgow

On to the starters.  I chose rosemary bread with oil and balsamic to dunk - I just can't pass up anything with rosemary at the moment.  The bread was thick and perfectly seasoned, but I ran out of dip before I was done - luckily there was a bottle of hot sauce in the condiments caddy so I made it work.  A had the Ceaser salad and, after some initial confusion over the lack of chicken, declared it bread salad and worked her way through the generous helping of lettuce and croutons. (Eh, it wasn't meant to have chicken, we were being daft and not reading the menu thoroughly enough.  D'oh.)

chicken pesto pasta frankie and bennys fort glasgow

spaghetti bolognese pasta frankie and bennys fort glasgow

If the starters felt a little lacking, the mains more than made up for it.  We both lingered over the pasta menu, finally picking out chicken pesto pasta for me and a classic spaghetti bolognese for A.  I also went for some sides of fries and coleslaw.  After years of hating coleslaw, I now can't get enough of the stuff.  Go figure.  We realised our mistake as soon as the pasta appeared though.  Huge bowls piled with food, not to mention the giant handfuls on the side dishes.  A only managed half of her spaghetti, but I hoovered up all but a few bits of chicken from my plate, and most of the fries (eh, and coleslaw...).  Speaking of fries, they were perfectly crispy and the pasta had just the right amount of pesto.  I'm horribly fussy about both these things so it's nice to feel like they were catering for just my tastes!

mint waffle ice cream dessert frankie and bennys fort glasgow

Neither of us needed dessert, but I had to take the plunge when I saw the mint waffle on the menu.  It's actually a regular cinammon waffle with two scoops of mint choc chip ice cream and a topping of chocolate sauce and honeycomb pieces.  YUM.  A helped me out by requesting two spoons.  I knew I took her for a reason...  Somehow we destroyed that gooey, crispy plate of awesomeness, and were left too stuffed to even check out the shops.  We're definitely planning a return trip now.

Check out all the info for Frankie and Benny's at Glasgow Fort and book a table here.

*I received a voucher to treat myself and a friend to dinner in exchange for an honest review*


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