Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Finished Knitting - Moss stitch baby blanket

moss stitch blanket baby green orange knitted

i-cord knitted edging baby blanket green orange

moss stitch blanket baby edging green orange

I had to wait a while to share my latest knitting project since I wanted to give it to Sarah and Matilda when I visited them and well, Sarah knows where to find me online...

This is the blanket I started before going to Orkney and it sort of turned into a bigger project than I expected.  It's all done in moss stitch (K1, P1) using two strands of Aran wool.  No idea what brand unfortunately since it was in my stash for yeeeears.  The edging is an attached i-cord which I just learned for this project and I love it - such a neat effect!  The yarn used there is Bergere De France Recyclaine (again!) in Orangeade.  I had a ball of it already but ordered a couple more since I thought it might take an extra one, and also I figured there might be a difference in the dye lots.  There was, so I used one of the newer balls, but it took less than 50g so I now have two balls of different shaded yarn in my collection.  Ah I'm clever, aren't I?  Learn to trust the pattern, Elise!

I also foolishly forgot to measure the blanket before I handed it over but it was about twice the size of my usual makes.  Maybe about one metre square?  Except it was more rectangular in shape.  Ergh, I'll just give up now.  There was a good 600g of yarn in it anyway...  My friend gave me an Amazon voucher for my birthday and I finally got around to ordering a digital scale, so there'll be no more guess work with leftover yarn weights!

the new moon with the old dodie smith book paperback paddington bear bookmark

Now for what I'm reading, since it's Wednesday and that means Yarn Along day!  My current book is The New Moon with the Old by Dodie Smith, recommended by Alex many, um, moons ago.  It's frightfully full of good manners and utterly inplausible situations and I love it to pieces already.  I'm also back to my old faithful Paddington bookmark since the puffin is a bit big for this wee paperback.  It'll be back soon, no doubt.

What's everyone else knitting and reading?

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