Friday, 21 August 2015

Friday Threes - Moments, Movies and Blogs

aberdeen park theatre flowers

1 - Visiting Sarah and Matilda - Obviously the highlight of my week was going to Aberdeen to meet Matilda!  She's every bit as adorable as she looks and we had a great chat about how striped clothes are the best, although we did disagree over whether toes or cake were the tastiest.  Sarah and I discussed more adult topics like the business of blogging and which place served the best cake.  Did I mention there was cake?  I also got lots of train knitting done and no-one even sat next to me on either journey despite all the reserved seats.  I think a return visit will be booked soon!

2 - Making plans for Doors Open Day - Glasgow has a whole week of Doors Open events coming up in September so my friend and I are already working out where to go and what to see.  We're aiming for the Saturday at the moment, although I may do a walk or two during the week.  Is anyone else going?

3 - Finding a weird bite on my leg - I think a bug attacked me on Monday.  There's a red lumpy area at my ankle that alternates between throbbing, itching and just...being there.  Fingers crossed I don't need to call on Dr Google, cause that never ends well.  (Recently I read about tonsil stones and looked them up on Google images.  DO NOT DO THAT.)

baby boom man on wire welcome to me movies

1 - Baby Boom - I hadn't seen this film in years before last week.  Diane Keaton is a high-powered business-woman, striving to get to the top of her game.  Then she inherits a baby in a frankly completely implausible turn of events, forcing her to find another career path thanks to blatant sexism and falling for a country vet.  So basically, your typical 80s romp.

2 - Man on Wire - Tam found this excellent documentary about French tightrope walker Philippe Petit, who had a dream to walk between the Twin Towers on a wire from the time he found out they were being built.  Philippe and his team told the story of his journey and it got rather tense at times - he's too good for you to ever believe he'd fall, but when they explain how they got up there in the first place...that's pretty scary stuff!  It's obviously a huge spoiler alert for the upcoming movie version (The Walk) though.

3 - Welcome to Me - I've been unintentionally binge watching Kristen Wiig movies lately - they just keep appearing on Netflix.  Welcome to Me is about a woman with multiple personality disorder who becomes a millionaire and pays to star in her own TV show.  I'm now starting to think that Kristen Wiig just plays basically the same character in everything but, meh, she's still awesome.

1 - 'Five tips to get swimming' on Polkadot Pink - Handy and practical advice from Donna, and it makes me miss getting in the water.

2 - 'Our summer travels: Montreal' on Words That Can Only Be Your Own - Janet went to Canada and it was beautiful and now I can't wait to go explore somewhere new.

3 - 'Cover love: Middle grade books' on Wool and Wheel - Beautiful children's book covers found by Kristin, which sort of reminded me of Janet.

What's everyone's plans this weekend?  I'm going a huge walk around Glasgow on Saturday (weather permitting, which it doesn't seem like it will be...) then on Sunday I'm gonna get stuff done!  Or, ya know, stay in my pjs and knit and mainline Netflix.  I'd be ok with either outcome.


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