Friday, 7 August 2015

Friday Threes - Moments, Pin Boards and Blog Posts

birthday cake 30

1 - Having three birthday cakes - My friend A made me a chocolate Malteser cake for Friday.  We destroyed it.  Tam commited the ultimate sin and had people in a restaurant singing to me on Saturday night, but he narrowly escaped being dumped since the accompanying cake was a carrot one from my favourite bakery.  We were so full of tapas and churros that it took five days and various colleagues to get through that one though.  Then on Sunday Mother brought me an actual birthday cake from Asda - it finally got opened on Wednesday and was gone by lunchtime the next day.  It was far too much cake (yup, I said it) but I like the Three Cakes for Three Decades thing we had going on.

2 - Fitting in some down time - I don't get much time to craft during the week.  I blog and do other net stuff at least two nights, I go to the gym (in an ideal world anyway...), I tidy, I walk to the grocery store etc.  I also have a baffling ability to lose time by vastly underestimating how long every task will take to complete.  It's frustrating to feel like I'm stuck on a work/net/sleep cycle all week, so this week I've squeezed in some knitting time, caught up on Humans and watched a movie I actually rented with an EE code (Ex Machina - I couldn't wait for Netflix).  If I could just get myself a reasonable bedtime I'd be winning at life.

3 - Finishing Persuasion - It's my friend's favourite book and it was just as wonderful as she said it would be.  When a story contains a love letter so beautiful I was crying in my office, you know it's a winner.  Next up is another love story, recommended by Sarah - The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett.

surfing vintage dress favourite things infinity scarf

Pin Boards
I've been getting pretty into Pinterest lately and was looking at my boards the other day, trying to decide which ones I like looking at best versus which I pin to the most.  I know, I lead a thrilling life.  That must be where all the aforementioned time slips off to.

1 - Womanswear - This one has so many images that I'm considering dividing it up more but...I sort of can't be bothered at the mo.  I think it would just end up being one for dresses and one for everything else anyway.  Above is the most gorgeous dress I've seen in ages - perfect shape, dark colour, long-ish... Need it.

2 - Knitting - No surprise that a crafty one ranks high on my list.  I like to go here first when I'm looking for a new project, although I think my next one will be a cable hat from a library book I just picked up.  The Favourite Things scarf is pretty high on my list though...

3 - Pretty Pictures - This folder is sort of a catch-all for the pictures that don't fit into my other top folders.  Funnily enough, it has lots of pretty pictures in it, including this surfing one.

Blog Posts
1 - What to expect when your partner has a vasectomy - There's always something thought-provoking and interesting to read over on Janet's blog and this one struck a chord with me yesterday.

2 - Things which are too popular for me to enjoy - Sarah hits the nail on the head once again, by writing something teenage me would have been shouting fifteen years ago.

3 - Why I'm a terrible blogger - I just came across Chelsea's blog and this post stood out - that feeling of chasing your tail when it comes to blogging is real!

How's everyone's week been?  Any nice weekend plans scheduled?


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