Friday, 14 August 2015

Friday Threes - Moments, Places and Blog Posts

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flowers in teapot cake cafe des fleurs dollar scotland

raspberry bakewell tart cake cafe des fleurs dollar scotland

1 - Visiting my favourite cafe and finding out they've changed the menu - I've mentioned before that Cafe Des Fleurs in Dollar is always my top pick for lunch.  It's not all that close to Tam's place, but when we're looking for a good dog walking spot, we like to head up to Castle Campbell and go to the cafe on the way back.  They made the best goats cheese on rye bread ever.  It came with a side salad and delicious chutney (plum? pear?) and I would savour every bite.  Cut to this weekend and it's gone.  I nearly cried, then remembered that I was a grown up and just ordered another sandwich.  It was really good actually, and the cake is still to die for (check out that raspberry bakewell) so I guess it can still be my favourite place.

2 - Meeting fellow bloggy people - On Sunday morning I caught the train to Edinburgh to have breakfast with some of the aweseomest Twitter/blog friends I know.  Alex, Louisa, Gwen and Denise were in attendance and since we were all massive failures on the picture taking front, you'll just have to take my word for it that we had fun.  It mostly involved lots of eating and LOTS of talking before we went our separate ways in time for lunch.  My way was to Long Tall Sally then straight back to the train - I always underestimate how bonkers the city gets during Fringe Festival time so I've sworn off visiting again for the next month.  I never underestimate the fun I'll have meeting internet pals though - I'd only seen Alex in person before and it was so nice to have a real life chat with everyone else.

3 - Getting up at 5am for dog walks - Tam's mum went on holiday last week, leaving us (along with his aunt and uncle) on Jake duty.  I always prefer the morning walking shift as opposed to going out at night but still, going out at 5.30am before work has to be no-one's idea of fun.  It was a lovely morning though - mild and clear skied and so very quiet, and Jake was so super excited to be out there that it was almost pleasant.  Fingers crossed next Monday dawns as lovely... (that picture of us up there is from Sunday afternoon - I was not awake enough to be near a camera that early in the day.)

1 - London - Our next holiday is booked!  We're off to London in September (just as the schools go back - it's almost like I planned it that way...) and if anyone knows of any must-see places then do let me know.  It's been years since either Tam or I have been down there.  So far the V&A is at the top of our list, along with the British Museum, Brick Lane and Camden markets, the Globe, Postman's Park and various other museums.  I really wanted to visit the movie museum on the South Bank again but I think it's closed down?  I've found another one online but it seems to be solely devoted to James Bond cars which...I dunno...I love 007 but not so much vehicles!  We're staying near Kings Cross so with walking and the subway, anywhere interesting will be in easy reach.

2 - Brighton - We're also off to Brighton for a few days after London!  We can't resist a trip to the seaside and although I'm a little afraid of how hipster-y it will be, I still can't wait to explore a tiny bit of the south coast.  The only plans we've made so far are to see the Royal Pavillion and the museum (yup, another one!) but I've heard good things about the range of eating places down there so someone please hook me up with a list!

3 - Blairgowrie - Also on the horizon is a weekend away that Tam received for his birthday.  I'm looking forward to lots of knitting and chilling out time at the end of summer.  Which reminds me, gotta get going on the list!

Blog Posts
1 - Better late than never? on Charity Shop Gold - An interesting post regarding Oxfam's plans to open six 'discount' stores, which poses the question that, shouldn't they all be discount stores?

2 - Making it work as a designer: releasing free patterns by Slugs on the Refrigerator - An insightful look into whether designers (specifically crochet here) should release some of their patterns for free, or if it devalues their hard work.

3 - My button collection by Now That's Pretty - This is just the cutest collection of anything I've ever seen.  Ok, except for maybe a puppy collection.  Does anyone have one of those?  Cause that'd be awesome.

Any exciting weekend plans, people of blog land?  We've got nothing solid happening at the mo, although if the weather is kind to us I fancy a return trip to New Lanark to see the mill in action.  Not to buy wool.  Honestly...


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