Thursday, 6 August 2015

Summer in cashmere

cashmere sweater jeggings M&S charity shop leopard shoes

This is basically what I've been wearing to work every day recently.  Jeans or trousers with loafers and a sweater.  Yup, apparently cashmere works year round in Scotland.  Could this have been the coldest, wettest July ever?  I feel like every summer just gets progressively worse until one day, we'll wake up and summer will consist of one week of sunshine at the beginning of May then autumn will come around again.  Truth be told, I love my knits, but I'd be quite fine with parting with them for a wee while every year.

I blabbed at length about half of this outfit yesterday, so I shan't repeat myself, except to say that M&S bargain-icious jeggings and leopard pattern loafers rock my world.  As does this giant cashmere jumper found in a charity shop a few months ago.  It required a few minutes with a needle and thread to sew up the seam holes but I don't mind a bit of quick sewing in exchange for a giant comfy sweater.  Now I'm all set for autumn's arrival next week.

sweater - charity shop
t-shirt - charity shop
jeggings - M&S
loafers - M&S

leopards loafers shoes cashmere jumper sweater M&S


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