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The Buyer's Archive - July

Last year I started keeping a note of the clothes I was buying.  My spending habits had decreased in recent times and I was craving more space and less stuff.  Being mindful about what my money went on with regards to non-necessities seemed like the logical place to start.  I had an idea to compare my purchases from this time last year to the ones I've made this year and see if there's any change, and if I wasted my money on stuff that didn't last, or that I changed my mind about.

Ah, July.  The summer sales ruined me last month.  Damn M&S and their amazing final clearance bargains.  First up though, what I bought last year.  

brogues loafers patent clarks

  • Clarks loafers (£24.99) - Clarks brogues (£27.99) - I remember impulse buying these shoes when I was waiting for Tam one night.  I hadn't really shopped in Clarks since I was a kid and my mum was buying me school shoes, but I like their styles and went in for a nosy.  The loafers were the kind of thing that felt fine in the store but in real life the soles were a bit too flat for me, plus they were a tiny bit too small.  They're now on the eBay pile.  The brogues... I've moaned about these shoes a LOT.  They fit perfectly fine, but they rub the backs and tops of my feet every time I wear them.  If I dare to walk more than a few minutes or have bare feet, I'll have bloody (literally) marks all over my feet.  Yet still I keep them.  Meh, they're the perfect colour and go with everything.  I'll just wear them on days I'm driving to work.  Yup, I hear how ludicrous that is.
red jeans stripe blazer lace vest top long tall sally charity shop

  • Long Tall Sally red jeans - £50 - I have these jeans in polka-dot and they've stretched pretty madly, but being me, I neglected to take note of that and bought them in red anyway.  Luckily, these ones have coped better with wearing and still fit fine, and I love wearing them rolled up in summer.
  • Black vest with lace detail, charity shop - £1.50 - Love this top.  I have a very similar one in white that I also found in a charity shop and they're my summer go-to tops when I want to smarten up my jeans.
  • M&S dress, charity shop - £4 - Embarrassingly, I have no recollection of this dress whatsoever, so I'm guessing it went on the alterations pile and I never got around to fixing it.  Oops...
Total spend for July last year was... £108.48. This was not great considering only half of that went on useful items.  Sure, I wear the brogues, but the space they take up on my shoe shelf would likely be better served by a less foot killing pair of shoes.

On to this July's purchases!

loafers tan leopard chelsea boots slippers M&S TK Maxx

  • Is To Me black chelsea boots, TK Maxx - £39.99 - Let's call July shoe month.  I like shoe month.  I got the most gorgeous brogues in TK Maxx a few weeks ago but after trying them on again at home they didn't feel quite right, so back they went.  Then I made the mistake of looking at the shoe section when I returned them and came out with these boots.  In my defence, I'm super fussy about boots and these have no zips, are a practical colour and are just super comfy, so I had to have them.
  • College Green tan loafers, TK Maxx - £34.99 - I don't normally have much luck finding nice shoes in my size in TK Maxx, but they threw up another pair last month, and they were exactly what I was looking for.  Tan loafers that stay on my narrow feet.  These ones are so soft, just the right colour, and only a little wide around the middle.  I worn them multiple times with bare feet and had no problems so far.
  • M&S Autograph leopard slipper loafers - £16.99 - First of all, that price for Autograph shoes?  Amazing.  Secondly, sale shoes left in M&S that (sort of) fit?  Unheard of.  I say 'sort of' since they're a half size big, but I took a chance and stuck some insoles in, and they're fine now.  Ok, they're still a tiny bit big/wide, but they're freaking leopard print and they're now glued to my feet forever.  Sorry, other shoes.

70s skirt M&S jersey

  • M&S Limited Collection denim button skirt - £12.99 - I tried this on when it first came into store months ago but couldn't decide if I liked it enough to purchase.  Fast forward to sale time and as soon as I tried it on, I realised how foolish I'd been.  This skirt is awesome.
  • M&S jersey skirts - navy £4.99 - grey £5.99 - I recently had to part with my favourite M&S skirt and was on the look out for a replacement.  Makes sense that I found it in the same place - but this time in multiple colours!  At that price, I added the grey and the navy to my bag for less than the cost of the old one.
  • M&S black bras x 2, white bras x 2, underwear x 5 - £18, £16, £5 - My underwear drawer needed restocking.  I had a £5 off voucher.  They're no leopard slippers picture.

flag tshirt jeggings leopard shoes shirt dress print M&S H&M

  • H&M tshirt, charity shop - £2.50 - My one clothing related charity shop buy this month.  What's wrong with the world?! (Actually, are tights clothing?  If so, ignore that.)  I like a giant men's t-shirt with my jeans and I like America.  And red, white and blue clothing.  Easy purchase decision.
  • M&S jeggings - £3.99 - I know right?  Four freaking pounds.  In my size.  Long length.  They're still not LONG long, so more of a summer wear, but still.  With this weather, my legs have been in hiding, so these might have been my most sensible purchase all month.
  • M&S flower print shirt dress - £9.99 - Another item I was eyeing up a while ago but didn't pull the trigger on and thus scored a bargain.  It might be four sizes bigger than my usual but adding a belt was no hardship. 
  • M&S black tights x 3, charity shop - £2.95 - Only 55p less than they would have been new, but I would have bought these anyway so it was nice to find a brand new pack of tights in the charity shop.

Ok, someone got carried away in M&S last month.  In my defense, I only went in when final clearance had started so really I saved myself far more than I spent...  Ahem.  Total spend for this July was... £169.37 (taking off the £5 lingerie voucher)  Considering I spent all July's savings on boring car stuff at the start of the month, that's sort of insane.  Hopefully I've got some good pieces that will work year round though.  It's handy that I can wear anything to work so everything gets good rotation in my wardrobe.  Especially leopard shoes.  Did I mention the shoes?

Janet joined in again this month - if anyone else has, leave me a note and I'll link you in!


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