Tuesday, 15 September 2015

A trip to London

london skyline

wall stuff brick lane market london

juice stand brick lane london market

Our September holiday is over.  Boo.  It was a double location one this year though, with a few days in London followed by a few more in Brighton.  As I'm sure you can imagine, there are many (many) pictures from each place, so Brighton will be coming up next week when I can find time to sort out that batch!

First up was London.  We got the train down to Kings Cross and stayed in a flat near there.  I booked through Airbnb since it seemed like I was the last person in the world to use it, and it's certainly the only time I'll be near them.  I had so many problems that I'll just save money and use a hotel in future!  It didn't spoil the trip though.  Our objective was to hit up all the museums and markets we could cram in, and we sure did a good job at getting through our list.

london eye wheel

westminster deckchairs park london

picadilly circus london night statue

V&A couple london

british museum london foyer roof statue

Out of all the museums, the V&A was my favourite, purely for the fashion and costume collections.  Tam made it around half the museum while I was lurking in front of the dresses and suits, taking in every detail.  I love how much clothing can paint a picture of the past and the vast displays in the V&A were fascinating to study.  The jewellery cases were similarly outstanding, although my weakness for beautiful rings was put to the test here...  Tearing myself away was the hardest part!  My work pass would have got me into a special exhibition about killer shoes (sounds fun, right?) but I obviously left it at home.  Sigh.

I wasn't fussed on the Tate Modern (although I probably could have muttered 'I could do that' a bit less) and the British Museum was absolutely rammed with tourists (and had a confusingly non-British set of collections) but the Museum of London was fun and housed yet more costumes, along with an olde worlde street and some great glass storage cases set into the floor, filled with old china.

prince albert memorial london park

pie and mash london borough market

cars market london

camden market london

Then there were the markets.  Oh my word, the amount of food we ate was unreal.  Sushi that was made fresh in front of us, slices of pizza the size of our faces, dark, dense tiffin cake and my personal favourite, pie and mash.  I don't normally get to eat pie and mash since I don't eat beef, but this one was filled with sweet potato and goats cheese and it was freaking AMAZING.  If you find yourself near Borough Market at any point, find the pie stall.  I'd go back just for that.  And the sushi at Brick Lane.  And all the food at Camden Market.  Man, I'm hungry.

I insisted on visiting a couple of tourist spots, so we hit up Picadilly Circus and Leicester Square at night - I'm a die hard Odeon fan so I have to see the big one all lit up anytime I'm in London.  Speaking of cinemas, my favourite part of the trip (well, equal with all the eating anyway) was seeing a film at Screen on the Green.  That's my kind of cinema!  Sofas with footrests and a bar in the screen.  We also tried to visit the cinema museum but they'd scheduled our tour wrong so when we got there we could only look around the ground level for a few minutes before they had to prep for an event.

I feel like I see a different side of London every time I go there.  I definitely don't go often enough - that was the main thing I took away from this visit!  This time was all about walking and tubing and tasting and marvelling our way around the city, and after four days I still feel like I barely scratched the surface.  Maybe we'll go back next year...

vintage style shop london

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