Thursday, 3 September 2015

Edinburgh and Photo an Hour

Photo an Hour day rolled around again on Saturday, and things did not go well for me.  Tam made a last minute plan for us to go to Edinburgh to meet his friend and, despite swearing off the city for the rest of August, I reluctantly agreed because:
A - Tam is right when he says I make most of our weekend plans, so we should do something he chooses once in a while.
B - His friend was only here for the weekend and doesn't get to visit often (he lives in England) and we wanted to meet each other.
C - I thought it would be possible to find a non-mental area in a place that size to grab a drink in (relative) peace.
D - We're going to London soon and Tam also pointed out that I should get used to being arounds crowds of people.

I had a good argument for that last one but whatever, I was over-ruled, so off we went.  Edinburgh was predictably insane, but I loved meeting Tam's friends, who were awesome and very much people I'd like to meet again.  We even managed a quick stop at Long Tall Sally on the way back to the train station where I may have made a tiny purchase...

After a huge faff with the trains, we made it home and got the most epic chippy for dinner - I'd stopped taking pictures by then but trust me when I say it was massive.  Then it was time for X Factor and crocheting on the couch.  Everyone knows what that looks like anyway!

Thanks to Louisa and Jane for hosting!


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