Wednesday, 30 September 2015

FO: crochet macarons and a knitted bike hat

box macarons crochet coloured

crochet macarons cake

My projects for last week were a bit of an interlude from all the craft fair preparations.  My friend loves macarons and since I didn't have the time to make the scarf I promised her, these little woolly cakes were a placeholder.  The scarf is slowly making its way up the list though!  This pattern came from a book I found on Issuu - the fact that it's called Simply Adorable Crochet may have persuaded me to look inside, just to check the title was accurate.  It totally was.  Besides the macarons, there's strawberries, cupcakes and ladybugs, to name just a few of the ridiculously cute makes on offer here.

We put them on the table with all the real cakes on coffee morning day and they blended in perfectly, although my choice of yarn colours may be a bit questionable with regards to realism...  The shape is made from three identical pieces made in the round, with the top and bottom sections being stuffed lightly.  I used DK wool with a 3.5mm hook and they measured about 1.5 inches wide, so they fit nicely into an actual macaron box that A brought back from Betty's in York last week.  I was trying to be all secretive when I asked to borrow it, but the first reason she came up with was that I was going to knit macarons.  At least I could reply truthfully that it wasn't the case...  Crochet and knitting are wildly different, ya know.  Apparently I'm not as good at being sneaky as I'd like to think.

bicycle beanie knitted hat macarons

I only got a quick picture of the bicycle beanie hat as I was finishing up a bunch of projects the other night.  I like how it turned out in the end, although it was a little big when it was done.  I had the same problem the first time I used the Jacques Costeau pattern so I downsized it slightly, but I think next time it will require more meddling with.  This was also done in DK yarn, with the bicycle chart borrowed from here and a pompom added at the end.  This was another gift, for my oldest pal who's moving to the other side of the world.  He seemed pleased with it so hopefully it'll come in handy when he's watching bike races in the winter!

This week's book is still Northanger Abbey.  I'm hoping it'll be finished today since I'm picking up a library order tonight...  It's fantastic but I seem to fall asleep before I can get very far through it each day.  Story of my life.

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