Friday, 18 September 2015

Friday Threes - Moments, Purchases and Blog Posts

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1 - When Netflix goes wrong - You know when you find something on Netflix that you're so excited to watch you just want to swallow it up right there and then?  That was me this week when I found the Up series.  '7 Up' was filmed in the mid-sixties with a cross section of British children who were asked their opinions on various subjects and gave the viewers an insight into their lives.  Some came from privileged backgrounds, some very much didn't, but it was a fascinating study to watch unfold.  The filmmakers decided to go back seven years later and film them again to see how their lives had changed, and kept going every seven years after that, right up to the present day.  I watched the first four episodes in two nights (they ain't short!) and could hardly tear myself away.  Since my favourite part of any reality show is that bit at the end that tells you where the participants are now, watching a long version of that was right up my street.

Then yesterday it was gone.

Yup, no sign of it anywhere.  I checked every region plus ITV Player and...nothing.  I was gutted, and had to watch over three hours of costume drama to calm down.  I know, I need to get out more.  This is where Netflix stumbles though - they don't tell you when things are being deleted.  Sure, if it's a film you've been looking forward to watching, it's annoying, but imagine being invested in a series only to find you can't bloody well complete it.  Maybe I'll write them an angry email.  Or maybe I'll just watch more costume drama.

2 - Getting shit done - Speaking of yesterday, I took a half day at work to tackle a bunch of jobs I had waiting around for my attention.  Nothing exciting, just ironing, sewing and Ebaying type tasks, but I had flexi hours to use so figured they may as well be put to good use!  I also wrote a list of my crafting plans from now until January and yeah, it's long.  That's my next thing to tackle!

3 - Discovering Issuu - Who knew you could read magazines online for free?  I'll assume everyone but me, since I'm usually one of the last people to discover a bandwagon, but my colleague forced me on here this week.  I figured it would be a load of spam, but there's actual craft magazines and books on there to read!  Of course, not everything is free, but more than enough is.  I found a few fun projects to add to my list (unfortunately...)

popcorn jar charity shop shetland wool week annual 2015 scholl velvet smooth diamond pedi

1 - Popcorn jar - I found this for £1.99 in a charity shop in Brighton and, after a few seconds considering how to cart it home, I figured I just couldn't live without it.  I suspect it may be from one of those random BHS Christmas gift sets that invade their store every year, but that's fine with me.  It makes the perfect storage for my odd bits of yarn.

2 - Shetland Wool Week Annual - Since I don't have the funds to attend Shetland Wool Week, I'm bringing it to me.  When I saw there was a magazine being published to go with the event, it was in my virtual shopping basket as quick as my fingers could click.  So many awesome designers in one place.

3 - Scholl Diamond pedi roller - Yup, I fell for the hype.  I'm an advertiser's dream - expose me to a TV once a week and I'll buy whatever new wonder product is on the market.  In my defense, I have both an Amazon voucher and a weird phobia of rough feet, so maybe this will help me get over myself...

Blog Posts
1 - How to reclaim your creative spark on Jesmgia - An awesome way to engage your brain, although I may love the internet too much to try it...

2 - When my most noticeable accessory was my acne on World of Joy - Hazel's struggle with adult acne and how she cracked it, something I know about all too well.

3 - Bairns baa-ble hats on Donna Smith Designs - Remember the sheep hat?  Well, Donna has kindly resized the pattern for wee ones!  Now I just need to find a kid...

How's everyone's week been?  Any weekend plans?  I'm looking forward to Doors Open Day tomorrow - I managed to book myself on four walking tours from 9am til 4pm so there's a chance Sunday might be a very quiet one indeed...  But Tam's coming on three of those tours and my friend on two, so at least I get to hang with some of my favourites.


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