Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Macmillan Coffee Morning

paper cakes accessorize decorations

shaun the sheep fairy cakes marshmallows

malteser cake nigella chocolate

marshmallows chocolate crispies cake stand

baby photo game

matching clothes work twins jeggings purple black jumper long tall sally

On Friday, coffee morning time rolled around once more.  We're a bunch of cake lovers at my work, so everyone gets very enthusiastic over planning the perfect day in which to eat a better breakfast than usual while supporting a very worthwhile cause.  (Check out the Macmillan site for more info on the event)  My contribution was chocolate crispy cakes, marshmallows dipped in chocolate and coconut, and the idea for a 'guess the baby picture' game.  L and I also decided that since we have very similar wardrobes, it would be the perfect time to co-ordinate ourselves.  I might be wearing his shirt here since mine was too big to wear under my jumper...maybe we should just keep sharing clothes, I had a hard time returning it!

A made her famous Malteser/birthday cake (ok, it's Nigella's, but I doubt she'd make it better), K made Shaun the Sheep fairy cakes and lemon slice, and R made Anzac biscuits.  We have an even bigger leftovers pile than last year now, but we also made close to three figures for the charity, so everyone wins really.

Did anyone do a coffee morning last week?  Is there any better start to the day than cake?


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