Monday, 28 September 2015

Photo an Hour - September

This month's Photo an Hour post should be subtitled 'How I managed to make this day all about me', owing to the fact that I unintentionally took pictures of myself for the first three hours then just decided to keep on theme for the rest of the day.  I guess it's a bit different from my usual style anyway.  (Although not terribly unique - Kerri did a selfie version back in March)

reflection mirror

09.27 - Getting up after another not great sleep.  I'm staying at Mother's for a few days, but my uncle and cousin are also staying while his new house is being renovated, so the weekend involved a game of musical beds to fit us all in.  I'm mostly in the smallest one which is fun when I want to lie on my stomach and my feet hit the wall.  Still, it's more comfortable than the floor!

running gear clothes bright headphones trainers

10.52 - A lot of faffing was done as I swithered over whether or not to go a run.  The problem with going out running in the small town where you grew up is that at least one person will want you to stop and talk, so I was weighing up if it was worth it!  God bless my anonymity in Glasgow.  Finally, I just decided to go for it and stick to the outer town paths.

nikon camera lens DSLR mirror selfie

11:46 - Back from running.  It was super windy (as evidenced by my mad hair) and my usual red face appeared so I had to get creative with camera placement.  Sure enough, a couple of folks peeped car horns at me (one my uncle) and I was also chased by a dog, so it was an interesting hour.

moccasins slippers sheep pyjamas

13:14 - After some multi-tasking involving stretching, grilling a bagel (Mother has no toaster), running a bath (or shower) and sanding my feet, I was all clean and back in my pjs.  No sense wasting clothes on the couch!  My slippers are in hiding so I pinched this pair from Mother's wardrobe.  She thought they were mine, so clearly they aren't an important part of her life...

pyjamas knitting phone couch

16:30 - I watched a film on Netflix and somehow stayed awake.  No idea how I managed that.  At one point I decided I should get on with some knitting but it didn't last long.  Everyone seemed to arrive home at once and there was too much talking and rushing around to do before we went out for dinner.

mirror selfie camera wrap coat long tall sally

18:09 - We were going out to celebrate Mother's birthday and I decided to walk to my brother's place via the cash machine and get picked up there.  It was a bit warm for my new coat, but I was glad of it later that night!  (I also wore this dress and these shoes.)   I did my hair and then we went off for food.  Dinner for me was salt and pepper calamari to start and haddock for main - it was fish day I guess.

There was so much shuffling about in the restaurant that I didn't think to get my camera out, and then we went home, I got back in my pjs and was falling asleep on the couch before long.  I sense I have a cold on the way - this whole week has been a sleepy blur with too much rushing around for my liking.  My aim is to stay in bed as long as I can on my days off!  I'm only at work two days this week so it shouldn't be too hard...

Thanks to Louisa and Jane for hosting!


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