Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Tasting Jamie's Italian, Glasgow

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Last Thursday I was invited along to Jamie's Italian in Glasgow for a chance to try out some canapes and cocktails.  Yes, yes, I know I've already sampled some of the menu, but there was no harm in testing out a few other yummy things...

The evening started with a delicious taster platter of meats and cheeses, followed by a quick intro to the team who keep the Glasgow branch running smoothly.  Restaurant manager Ed explained how their menu is put together (Jamie himself approves every item on there!) and talked a bit about the work that goes into each dish, from the fresh pasta hand made every morning to the local produce used where possible.  That days beef was from Ayrshire, my home county and a mere hour down the road.  Even the kiddies get the special treatment at Jamie's, with all the mains on their menu being organic and nutritiously balanced.  I liked that it was easy to tell how fresh everything was when I ate there before, and now I know why!

platter pasta crab jamies italian glasgow

mushroom risotto bruscetta jamies italian glasgow

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epic brownie jamies italian glasgow

After all that learning, it was time to get down to the serious business of eating.  From the invite, I was expecting a few tiny snacks before heading home for dinner, but we were treated to so many different dishes that I lost track and just went for the tactic of trying as much as I could squeeze in.  There were three types of bruscetta, delicate little cups of mushroom risotto, slabs of turkey milanese, deep fried gnocchi, crab balls, fries dusted with chilli flakes, and my personal favourite, courgettes wrapped in batter, served with a chilli jam.  Because why eat vegetables that aren't deep fried, am I right?

When those tasty main courses were done, a simple dessert of brownies with strawberry and meringue pieces was a welcome end to the meal.  Then it was cocktail time.

cocktails jamies italian glasgow

bar nook stools jamies italian glasgow

Three of the most popular drinks from the cocktail menu were shaken up for us to sample - La Dolce Vita, with Amaretto and Triple Sec mixed with fruit juices; Sicilian Dacquiri, a delicious blend of regular and spiced Bacardi with added mint, lime and vanilla flavouring; and Passioneta, with, yup, passionfruit puree and vodka, with some cream in there for good measure.  If there's one I thought I definitely couldn't stomach it would have been that one, but the passionfruit and cream gave it a delightful Solero vibe.  They were all full of pretty generous measures on the alcohol front, and my belief that I love anything involving Amaretto was confirmed.  Then it was time to make our own!

I settled for taking pictures and sampling everyone else's creations, including finally tasting a Long Island Iced Tea.  The verdict?  Powerful stuff that definitely confirmed my status as an occasional drinker.  Luckily I quit while I was ahead and downed more of the refreshing fruit infused water before making my way over the road for the train home.  I'd call that an excellent end to the night.

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