Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Buyer's Archive - August

Last year, I started keeping a note of the clothes I was buying.  My spending habits had decreased in recent times and I was craving more space and less stuff.  Being mindful about what my money went on with regards to non-necessities seemed like the logical place to start.  I had an idea to compare my purchases from this time last year to the ones I've made this year and see if there's any change, and if I wasted my money on stuff that didn't last, or that I changed my mind about.

Starting with my buys from last August...

camera bag koolertron floral vintage holdall

Floral holdall - charity shop - £3
Ah,  I love this bag.  It came on holiday with me this time last year and has been on a few trips since.  I just couldn't be bothered carrying a bigger bag this time, so for London I substituted it with my knitting case and backpack.  It was a super bargain though and still has a few years of life left.

This was a purely practical purchase - a waterproof bag big enough to house my camera and a few other bits when walking around Blackpool.  It did prove pretty useful (even if the waterproofing thankfully never got put to the test) and I used it multiple times afterwards, but ultimately it was just too bulky for my taste so I donated it to Tam's mum.  It's already been on a few adventures with her (including a recent cruise to Russia!) so at least it's still getting some use.

Stripe t-shirt - Matalan via charity shop - £1.50
Not a great one in that I took a good five minutes to remember what t-shirt this actually was - clearly I need to take better notes.  Anyway, I wore this red and white top many times before it fell victim to the dreaded sweat stains on the armpits.  It's so hard to find nice stripey tops second hand and now I know why...

long tall sally navy cardigan black leggings
leggings image from here
2 x leggings (black and navy) - Long Tall Sally - £25
Long Tall Sally has great savings on their basics range when you buy multiples and the time had come for my leggings stock to be renewed.  I got a pair in black and another in navy and wore them all winter layered up with tights.  Then disaster struck - the black pair went missing.  Like, they've just vanished.  I am not someone who loses things (I'm the one who checks I have all the essentials in my bag six times before leaving home and work) so it's even more baffling that I have no clue where they've ended up.

Navy waterfall cardigan - Long Tall Sally - £45
This was purchased with the leggings and I hesitated over it a bit.  For some reason, these types of cardigans scream middle-aged style at me - probably because my mum has a very similar one, although since she shares my love of knitwear we already have a few identical items in our closets.  I'm really glad I picked this up though.  It's the perfect length to wear over dresses and since my navy obsession is still going strong, it fits right in among all the blue garments.

Total spend for last August was... £108.50.  Except I had a Long Tall Sally voucher worth £50, so really it was a much more budget friendly £58.50.  With the exception of the camera bag (and let's face it, my track record with bags isn't great) everything has earned its keep, although I'm still annoyed at myself for misplacing something...

On to my latest buys!
smock dress floral black jeggings leggings tall

Black embroidered smock dress - Sainsbury's - £9
Technically, I bought this at the end of July, but I dithered over whether to return it for so long that it might as well count as an August purchase.  It finally got worn last Saturday and I love it.  So loose and floaty!  I've been following Little Tienda on Instagram for ages and the similarities made me pick this dress up when I was shopping in Sainsbury's.  We'll blame Tam's mum, who was looking for holiday clothes and practically forced me into that department.  Ahem.  I think it'll be perfect with boots and a giant cardigan come winter.

Black floral shirt dress - charity shop - £3.99
I've not really been in the charity shops much in the past month.  Sorry, I should have warned you to sit down before I said that.  That day I had three things in my hands and told myself I could only pick one, so I went for the most practical.  I need to sew up a hole in the back before I can wear it (that £3.99 was a bit steep in hindsight) but it's a little short to go tights-less with anyway, so in a month or so I can rate it properly.

Black leggings - Long Tall Sally - £16
To replace the aforementioned missing pair.  They've already been worn plenty of times thanks to our lovely summer weather, so these were probably the most sensible purchase of the month.

Claret jeggings - Long Tall Sally - £35
I could hardly go to Edinburgh and not pop into LTS, could I?  If any good came of the Glasgow store closing down, it's that I still have money left over every month.  I've been watching the Autumn collection appear online recently and they are on the ball with all those deep colours and unfussy shapes.  Purple is not a colour I wear...ever...but I love the shade of these and they go perfectly with all the navy and black in my wardrobe.  (Initially I went to try on these legging jeans and although I loved them, they're not so good at hiding the old VPL, so be warned!)

stripe shirt black white navy blue check dress M&S

Oversize stripe shirt - M&S - £19
I've already raved about this shirt and all its giant glorious-ness, but again, there's no way it wasn't coming home with me.  I still think it's ridiculously big but I sort of like it.  With the majority of my sweaters being giant too, I can see this working layered up all year round.

Navy checked dress - M&S - £13
There's also no way I wasn't trying on a blue dress reduced to £13 in the M&S sale.  Happily, this fit perfectly, and hopefully it'll get a sunny day outing soon before being teamed with tights.

This August's total spend was... £95.99, which was a bit more than I was aiming for this month - my allotted savings went on our London accommodation so I probably should have been a bit more restrained.  I'm also planning to replace the Best Boots Ever after they died a few months ago, and since I'm so fussy about boot styles I really don't have a budget in mind - I'm willing to throw money at anything that conforms to my very specific set of requirements.  Tan, low ankle, small heel, ideally no zips... Basically the old ones but waterproof.  Help?

Janet and Donna joined in again this month.  Pop over and see what they've been buying!


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