Thursday, 10 September 2015

The end of Super Summer 2015

summer scotland birthday

Another summer is over, and with it another Super Summer list.  I won't go into the huge discussion Tam and I had about how cheated we feel by the weather and temperatures of the past few months.  Summer, my arse.  Unsurprisingly, the list was far from completed thanks to WEATHER but here's a summary anyway.

Definitely done
Start Sunny Friday Ice Cream Club at work - As the name suggests, we get to eat ice cream at work on Friday, but only when it's sunny.  This carefully planned clause was to help the dieters in the group!  We managed to indulge a few times and I was introduced to the delights of Arctic Roll.  We also may have cheated a couple of weeks when the biscuit tin ran dry by Wednesday...

Visit three Scottish Islands - We made it to Arran, the Isle of May and Orkney, which were all early summer trips.  I didn't photograph much in Arran since we were only there for the day to look at wedding venues with my brother and his fiancee, but we still managed to get in an ice cream and a quick trip to the Arran Aromatics shop. (No, we're not going to a destination wedding - they were this close to booking it before someone mentioned inclement weather possibilities.  Pah.)  I thought we'd manage to squeeze in a bit more island hopping, but hopefully we'll get a chance in October.

Do something fun for my birthday - I had a whole weekend of celebrations!  On my actual birthday I was out at a work thing, then we all went for dinner and drinks and general hijinks.  The next day was dinner with Tam and some buddies, then the next again was dinner with my family.  Oh, and Tam took me on a mystery date a week later that involved a tour of the Kelpies and my favourite cafe for lunch.  I don't even care much for birthdays but I'm sort of pleased at how well I managed to drag that one out!

Enter the National Trust for Scotland photo competition - I did!  I never heard back though so I'm guessing I didn't win anything.  To be honest, I wasn't that pleased with any of my shots - the only NTS place we went all summer was Brodie Castle and I had a hard time trying to find an original angle on that building.  Historic Scotland are also running a competition that closes next month and I have the opposite problem there - after Orkney I have too many pictures to choose from.

Find puffins - Absolutely done.  Twice! (on the Isle of May and Orkney) It was amazing to see them up close and I really want to do another trip next year.

Visit Sarah - Yup.  I got to hang with Matilda and have a good old catch up with Sarah.  I might even be planning a winter visit.

Drink beer outside (in the sun?) - We managed it a couple of times but it definitely wasn't sunny.  There were a few meals taken outside though, from a motorway cafe on the way to Nairn to Frankie and Bennys at Glasgow Fort, and I had some whisky that night we camped, although that was mostly for warmth...

Sort of did
Do something fun for Tam's birthday - We went to Burntisland and won another minion.  I was planning something a bit more special but Tam wasn't fussed so we just went for a mini afternoon out instead.  I actually had no recollection of this day until Tam reminded me, so it probably wasn't fun enough...

Film our adventures - This one started so well.  I got some excellent footage of the train journeys to and from Arbroath, but I've only filmed the odd moment since then.  It's not something I think to do with my camera - odd considering the people who did film home movies in the past are keeping me in a job now!

Not even close
Swim in the sea/outdoor pool - I barely managed it two summers ago and last year I got as far as my waist, so I'm not sure why I thought this was the year it would happen.  To be fair, if we'd made it to Nairn any earlier I think there could have been swimming.

Lie in a hammock/try surfing - I didn't stumble over a hammock or a surf instructor so these remain elusive dreams.

Have a picnic/bbq/light the chimenea/build a sandcastle/knit on the beach - These require a higher volume of nice weather than I had at my disposal.

Go camping in East Neuk of Fife - We had this all planned, then weather happened.  Instead we went on a day trip, although it ended up only pouring for about an hour in the afternoon, so we possibly could have done that if it wasn't so far to drive for the gamble of dry weather.

Roll down a hill - Nope.  I'm too old and scared of stray dog poop.

Walk across the Forth Road Bridge - This one was all on me.  I hate being out in windy weather and it's just never not windy there.  My optimistic alter ego overlooked that at list making time.

Yarn bomb something - CAN'T BELIEVE I DIDN'T DO THIS!  I'm absolutely leaving something woolly somewhere in London.

Once again, Super Summer was a bit of a shambles.  Next year, we'll pick more indoor activities...

Did anyone else take part?

(Check out last years Super Summer here)


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