Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Yarn Along

granny square baby blanket stylecraft special DK yarn

Crocheting - My next baby blanket
Yup, there's been a lot of them lately (like this one and that one).  I thought I'd try a granny square crochet one this time though - it seems like forever since I picked up a hook and I got some new Stylecraft Special DK that was just waiting to be thrown together.  It's definitely going to need some blocking, but I'm not even close to that stage yet.  My holiday projects are being prepared and I have a hat to make for my friend who's moving to the other side of the world soon (most inconsiderate of him) so the finished blanket might be a while away...

stargazing peter hill paperback book welsh postcard bookmark

Reading - Stargazing by Peter Hill
Tam and I don't have especially similar taste in books (he has a shelf dedicated to Russian literature and I have a Harry Potter one...) but his whole family read and loved this memoir of a Scottish lighthouse keeper so I decided to give it a shot when I was between books.  So far I love it - his writing style is immersive and relatable, and I've emitted many a snort when he's described some hilarious incident or person he's met.

My postcard is a remnant of our Wales trip in 2012.  For anyone who hasn't been around here that long, here's a summary - it rained a lot and I discovered the glorious world of wellie boots.

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