Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Yarn Along - The holiday edition

yarn red skeins

I thought since I'm on holiday this week the usual 'what I'm making and reading' post can become a 'what I took on my holidays to keep me amused for endless hours on a train' one.  Yes, we're braving public transport on this trip (as opposed to driving across the country like we did for Orkney) so while I don't have luggage restrictions based on strict domestic airline guidelines, I do have to consider what I can feasibly carry around London and Brighton with me.  All my instincts to overprepare are having to be suppressed right now!

My main project is a crochet scarf using this bargain yarn from a charity shop in Helensburgh.  It came free of labels unfortunately but it seems to be a fine weight and a wool mix, if not completely wool.  It's a gorgeous deep shade of red and gloriously soft.  It also came in unwound skeins so I had the lovely job of winding it into balls before we left.  Sarcasm alert - it's not lovely, it's a terrible job and possibly the worst part of knitting as far as I'm concerned.

I'm once again using my favourite crochet shawl pattern - this is my third time (first one is here) and I just love it.  This one and the one I made in Orkney will be on the blog closer to Christmas.  I'm making them as gifts and have no idea if they'll end up being for someone who reads here, so no peeking yet!

My back up project is booties.  All the booties.  My brother's mother-in-law is hosting a craft fair in November for charity so my mum signed us up to sell knitted goodies.  We've been knitting baby items and hats furiously all summer in order to fill a table.  I'm sure I'll have more info to share about the fair soon, although I doubt anyone cares about visiting the west coast of Scotland in's not pleasant!  I've been tinkering with my default bootie pattern to give them better fit and shape and I've finally reached a point where I'm happy with it.  Now to grow my stockpile for the fair!

empire magazine paperbacks

Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter - I had this in my Goodreads To-Read list for ages, then I found it in a charity shop in Largs and it sat in my actual To-Read pile until now.  The synopsis drew me in by mentioning old Hollywood and Scotland, then the cover sold it to me completely.  Fingers crossed for an absorbing travel story!

Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen - My appetite for all things Austen knows no bounds at the mo.  I only have two of her books left to read and I'm panicking a bit - what am I going to read when they're done?!  It's been years since I read Sense and Sensibility so maybe I'll just go back and start them all again.  I also picked up a gorgeous edition of South Riding by Winifred Holtby in the charity shop the other day and it looks like she has an olde worlde charm, which could be a nice substitute for Austen.

Empire magazine - Of course my subscription had to run out right before the Star Wars issue.  Of course it did.  So I paid real, non-Tesco voucher money (£4.50!!!) for a magazine just to see Domhnall Gleeson, Adam Driver and Gwendoline Christie in the same place.  I think it's time to watch all the old movies again in preparation for this one.  Not the new trilogy though.  I'll just rely on my patchy memory so I don't have to face the double atrocities of Jar Jar Binks and Hayden Christenson's acting again...

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