Thursday, 8 October 2015

A trip to Blairgowrie

book sign paper cut out

secondhand fishing books bridge of cally

vintage gate sign shillings

airlie garage old building

alyth river town

photo display interactive museum

So, we went on another holiday.  Sort of.  Apparently Tam and I just can't stay home for long these days!  This one was a mini break up the country thanks to a voucher Tam received for his birthday, which got us a couple of nights stay, breakfast and dinner at the Bridge of Cally Hotel near Blairgowrie.  It was one of the nicest hotels we've stayed in, with its remote location, cosy lounge bar and lovely staff.  We didn't even eat there the second night but still went back for dessert and whisky after our meal out.  The apple and blackberry pie is to die for, and that's coming from someone who'd rather go hungry than eat fruit.

On the drive up we stopped at Perth and had what was most likely our last outside meal of the year, as well as a nosy in the charity shops.  Of course we did.  Standard Elise/Tam holiday behaviour right there.

plants flowers

signpost wooden forest blairgowrie

conkers brown inside

conkers in shell

bridge blairgowrie falls river wooden forest

tree trunk logs forest wood

Another half hour of driving and we were in Blairgowrie.  Aside from a very brief stop there on the way to Loch Rannoch last year (We got lost.  Also pretty standard.) we'd never explored here before, so the next day involved a wander round town and a brisk walk through the woods.  I got distracted by a cluster of trees that were literally dropping conkers at my feet as I walked below them.  The soft thunking sound of them falling on the bed of leaves amused me somewhat.  We had a merry time prising (ok, stomping) them open to see who could find the biggest one.  I don't remember who won that but we got through a fair few of them anyway...

Somehow we also fit in a drive to Alyth, a small town with a cool museum - they have an exhibition on right now showing photographs from a local studio that operated from the 1930s to 1990s.  There's a fun interactive machine that has themed selections.  We've been doing something similar with films at work so it was interesting to see the comparison!

On the way home we found what I suspect was the world's biggest car boot sale between Dundee and Perth.  Two hours we were there!  I kinda want to go back this week...


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