Thursday, 1 October 2015

A trip to Brighton

bandstand brighton sunshine beach vintage

old pier fire brighton structure water beach

brighton fishing museum sign building beach

fish and chips sign board brighton beach

amusements children stand brighton vintage

Brighton was really rather awesome.  I'm partial to a trip to the seaside anyway, but after the bustle and busy-ness of London, it was nice to get back to a smaller place to explore.  It wasn't particularly quiet - in fact it was rammed with tourists, my timing wasn't so great this year - but it was the perfect place to wander in the sunshine.

We arrived on the Wednesday for three nights.  Unsurprisingly, we made a beeline to the beach from the train station, stopping only to buy some sushi from Itsu to eat by the sea.  Side note, Itsu is awesome and I want one in Glasgow - avocado sushi is my new obsession and not enough places sell it near me!  After lunch we checked into our hotel then had a wander along to the pier and the charity shops in that direction.

lanes bandstand sunset brighton beach

big wheel street brighton

fountain square park brighton

brighton pier sushi seafood bar

brighton pier lights

We caught the sunset on the first evening and it was very beautiful, if hard to photograph.  Each night involved fish and chips for dinner, which got steadily better every day, although I'm still baffled by the lack of HP sauce in England.  Tartare sauce did the job though!

seagull bike vintage seaside promenade

row white buildings flats brighton

brighton pavillion exterior

angel statue brighton

The pavillion was the fanciest place I've ever been.  Gold ornaments hanging from the ceiling, dragon shaped chandelier holders and richly coloured wallpaper are just a few of the highlights inside.  And look at the exterior!  So grand.  I loved it.  The museum building was similarly styled, although on a far smaller scale, and the gardens were perfect for a stroll on such a warm day.

Obviously all our favourite seaside activities were crossed off the list too - we played 2p machines, won a minion, walked along the pier and paddled in the sea, which was not as mild as I was expecting.  It was bloody freezing in fact, and we got out again pretty quickly.  Still, I don't mind too much, since I've now been the furthest north and the furthest south in the UK I've ever been, all in the space of a few months.  Not a bad year of holidays!

Who's been to Brighton?  Any favourite places?


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