Tuesday, 27 October 2015

A trip to the National Museum of Scotland

nationa museum of scotland main hall fountain glass ceiling

lego VW campervan national museum scotland toy

victorian sensation photography national museum scotland exhibition

giant gator skull national museum scotland

whale animal skulls national museum scotland

We finally made it into Edinburgh on Saturday.  I'd been saying for months that I wanted to check out the Victorian photography exhibition at the National Museum but what with school holidays, then our holiday, then more school holidays, there never seemed to be a good time to go into the city.  Finally, we decided enough was enough and just went for it last weekend.  After a walk along to Leith for a look in the flea market and lunch at Gaia, we hopped on the bus and went up to the museum, where we arrived late enough that it was quiet and easy to look around, not an easy thing to time in that place!

There was no photography allowed inside the exhibition, aside from a couple of designated picture taking spaces.  The one with the costumes was especially fun...  I'm not sure I can pull off a top hat though?  The range of historical photographs on display was a bit overwhelming, but they were cleverly laid out so that each one could be studied more closely, and there were a few fun films that had been made with actors playing the inventors of photography.  Then there were the cameras at the end, where you could take your own selfie and be displayed on the wall next to Mr Daguerre et all.  Tam and I seriously sucked at that part, and after about five blurry attempts we called it a day, and left to have a seat in the main hall.  

Of course, after seeing all the amazing work on display, I was in a picture taking mood.  We ended the visit with a quick walk through the animal wing and a nosy at the toy cases before the museum closed.  I'll leave you with this picture of Tam that I ran through the Daguerreotype filter on Picmonkey, just for added authenticity of course.

A Victorian Sensation is showing at NMS until 22nd of November.

victorian sensation photography national museum scotland exhibition


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