Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Photo an Hour Day - October

bedcover floral check wool blanket knitted faux fur

09:11 - I woke up about an hour later than planned, despite the alarm going off at 7.45 - apparently I can hit snooze in my sleep.  Not sure that's a good skill to have!  I got up and wandered around zombie-like for a while before making breakfast.  I've been living in my favourite Mother-made cardigan for the past week so it gets flung on the bottom of the bed every night before lights out.

winter wardrobe knits dresses checks stripes

10:08 - I switched my wardrobe over this week, putting all the summer clothes into the chest and dragging out the winter ones that didn't stay in the wardrobe all year.  I've kept a few things out that might still be packed away when it gets super cold (some dresses and blouses) but it's nice to have some different stuff to look at.  I love how all those pretty colours mingle together!  I was trying to decide what to wear but didn't actually get dressed til a while later...

storage baskets wicker

11:32 - Getting some chores done.  I picked up some wicker baskets at the car boot sale last week that I'm going to decorate and sell at the craft fair next month, so I gave them a quick scrub out since they smelled a bit musty.  I also dusted, cleaned the bathroom and changed the bedding.  Super exciting stuff.

floral bedcover pillows throws bed

12:16 - The bed is made!  This...eh...doesn't happen often enough.

outfit weekend charity shop m&S blouse long tall sally jacket jeans glasses

12:47 - Bonus picture alert!  I like to document what I wear on these days - Saturday was a charity shopped blouse (originally M&S), Long Tall Sally jeans and jacket, and Converse.  Also I wore lipstick!  Having time to faff on a weekend sure makes me a million times more presentable.

kelvingrove park sheepdogs glasgow

13:18 - Walking into town through Kelvingrove Park, where there was a man training sheepdogs.  They were a bit more obedient than Jake, although one was getting yelled at a bit, which made me want to run up and hug him.

feet stickers glasgow queen street train station

14:08 - Waiting for Tam at the train station, where the ground was covered in these fun stickers.

underpass anderston glasgow

14:57 - Walking home via Anderston, apparently.  I'm still not great at Glasgow geography sometimes - we were trying to get to Finnieston but we ended up going a different way than on my previous walks.  We still got there, it was just more...rough and underpass-y...

kelvingrove park gates glasgow

15:57 - We stopped at Pickled Ginger for lunch, which I'd only vaguely heard of before but it turned out to be freaking fabulous.  I had vegetable tempura and avocado sushi and Tam had a tofu teriyaki bento box.  I'm pretty sure avocado sushi has earned a place in my Top Ten Foods Of All Time list, it's SO GOOD.  After lunch I decided I had to have a cake from Cottonrake Bakery but it was nearly closing time and we were on the other side of the park.  Did we make it?

cottonrake bakery cake box

17:01 - Of course we did!  God wouldn't have given us those long legs if he didn't want us to use them to rush for cake.  If anyone's interested in what we had, check out my Instagram.  And no, it's not the cake picture I posted yesterday.  That was Sunday cake.  I'm starting to realise why my Christmas party dress doesn't fit...

knitted yellow ducks beaks

18:27 - Back home and firmly stationed on the couch, I made Tam hold my duck collection while I sorted out the rest of my yarn.  Time to make scarves for them all!

knitting ducks supplies

19:43 - Still scarf making.  I may have got distracted by Parks and Recreation and making fish finger/veggie sausage sandwiches for dinner.

movie night cant buy me love 80s laptop

20:34 - Movie time, and this week we went for 80s rom-com Can't Buy Me Love.  It was as cheesetastic as it sounds.  Meaning it was utter garbage, yet somehow we made it to the end.  Spoiler alert - Partick Dempsey ain't so McDreamy in this one.

The next two hours would have produced identical knitting/loafing around pictures so I decided to spare you all the trauma.  Speaking of trauma, who caught Downton on Sunday?  I may be scarred for life after the dramatic turn that took!  Still, not many episodes to go...

Check out Louisa's blog to see who else participated, and thanks to Jane for choosing the day!  How was everyone's weekend?


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