Friday, 23 October 2015

Spots and leopard

seventies style polka dot blouse H&M denim button M&S skirt leopard shoes slippers

I'm still in love with this skirt.  I don't seem to wear skirts all that often these days, but I love finding something else I can pair with this one.  My old faithful polka dot shirt and favourite new shoes were the winners on Sunday, although I sense I might need some thicker layers before too long.

I wore this out for lunch at the weekend, where we had lukewarm pizza with a background noise of screaming toddler.  It wasn't the best part of my days off...  On the way home we stopped off for cake though, which helped turn the day around a bit!

polka dot shirt H&M denim button seventies skirt M&S leopard slippers shoes outfit

I've had another short week at work - I took yesterday off to tackle the teetering pile of clothes to be altered, which went more slowly than I had planned, but I was fairly productive when I got going.  Both of my recent dress purchases are now wearable (I still can't believe how well the check dress fitted straight from the hanger though, considering it was handmade) and I made a super cute Christmas pressie which, of course, I can't share on here quite yet!  My crafting plans are surprisingly on track at the moment, which I'm also pretty pleased about.

Today is set to be even better than sewing day, since I get to hang out with Mother all day then have dinner with Andrea!  I love when people come to visit me.  I think one of the 'new' dresses will have to get an outing...

shirt - H&M
skirt - M&S Limited Collection
shoes - M&S Autograph


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