Wednesday, 11 November 2015

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Apparently as soon as my schedule gets out of whack, my blog posts grind to a halt.  I'm having a hard time balancing everything that needs to be done around here at the moment, and so the tasks that require the most brain power and motivation (namely, writing and exercising) are the first to get pushed off the to-do list.  I need to fix that!  At least now that jury service is over I can get back to fitting everything into my day - or at least attempting to.

So, what have I been up to lately?  I'm glad you asked!  The Saturday before last I had a very fun day out with some fellow crafty bloggers in the west end of Glasgow, where we saw the new costume exhibition at Kelvingrove and had lunch nearby, followed by an epic swap.  Despite not planning to come home with anything I managed to grab some wool and a set of needles from Kerry, two pretty pieces of fabric and a jacket pattern that was exactly what I'd been searching for.  I'm sure everything will come in handy at some point.  The above picture came from our fabby organiser, Franca, and as you can see, I was wearing my crocheted scarf and recently altered dress to try and fit in with the sewing crowd.

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A few days later I was on another blogger jaunt when Roisin came to town.  I've been following her blog for years so it was great to meet in person and have a drink and a good old natter, along with Elaine (who has the best style of anyone I know), Amy and Nuala.  Oh, and I also met Mimmi a few weeks ago at a dinner I attended with the Time Out blog crew.  I'm aware I sound all outgoing and exciting and sociable here, so apologies if anyone's getting the wrong impression of me, since I'm not really any of those things...  Apparently I just got faced with lots of fun events at once that I couldn't say no to!

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Of course, the thing that was keeping me busy for the past week was jury service, which anyone who follows me on Twitter will already know about thanks to my constant whining.  Yup, I got picked to sit in a room for five days and listen to person after person pick apart someone's life and tell me things I had frankly no interest in ever knowing.  I must admit, it wasn't quite as dull as I was expecting, and I did give a silent prayer of thanks that I wasn't in the room next door, where the trial was expected to last 6-8 MONTHS (nope, not a typo), but I sure won't be keen to do it again in a hurry.

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As well as (probably) shortening my life, jury duty also did me out of a holiday (Tam's mum booked it the day I got my letter so I figured I didn't have a leg to stand on if I tried to use it as an excuse) Still, I managed to meet up with everyone on Saturday when they were visiting Stranraer and we had a nice wee day out, checking out all the charity shops and fitting in a quick dash to Portpatrick, one of my favourite places in the world.  Then Sunday was the craft fair.

I've mentioned this a couple of times before but to recap - a family friend was organising the fair to raise money for charity and Mother volunteered us to man a table, so we knitted our socks off for a couple of months and turned up with bags of stuff to sell.  On the wettest, windiest day of the year.   On Remembrance Sunday.  I sold one basket and Mother sold two cardigans and a pair of booties.  So... it was a learning experience.  She was pretty disappointed but the weather was really the deciding factor in how well it all went, and we couldn't control that.  On the bright side, my bro, sis-in-law, cousin and I cleared up at the raffle table and took home about half the bottles between us all, including most of the alcohol, so at least we know Christmas will be very merry!

I think I'm all up to date now.  What been going on in the real world*?  Did I miss anything good?

*by 'real world' I mean social media, obviously.


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