Wednesday, 25 November 2015

FO - Pickles cable hat

pickles close cable knit hat free pattern
I loved knitting this hat.  Pickles close cables hat was just the type of pattern I was looking for, with its simple cable design and integrated rib.  Also, somewhat surprisingly, it turned out to be just the right size.  Despite checking my gauge where possible, my track record for a project ending up the size it's meant to be is not great.  I get there about half the time anyway...

I used some leftover Aran sweater yarn in this gorgeous charcoal colour, perfect for my uncle, who favours dark, outdoorsy clothing.  I'm getting a bit antsy to do some selfish knitting but the crafting plans are on track for now, so I guess I can hold off for another month!

On the reading front (since it's Yarn Along day, after all) I'm in the middle of The Innocents by Francesca Segal.  I realised this book was only on a two week loan from the library so I switched over from last week's book to read this first.  Adam and Rachel have been together for twelve years and just got engaged when Rachel's former-wild-child cousin moves home and threatens to disrupt their calm, if somewhat stale, life.  It makes for uneasy reading but I'm eating it up, especially since I'm not sure if my prediction for the ending will be how it turns out.

How's the Christmas crafting going for everyone else?


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