Monday, 23 November 2015

Photo an Hour Day - November

kit cat clock red retro photo an hour day
08.20 - See this creepy clock right here?  It started ticking in the middle of the night and woke me up at 5am.  I was too furious and sleepy to think about how it's probably possessed, which I guess is a good thing.  At least I got back to sleep anyway.  (Um, obviously it ticks all the time but when the tail is moving it gives off a loud noise, so I disabled it. There's the odd time it just starts moving by itself though, which is rather freaky.)

library book pile photo an hour day
09.18 - Having breakfast and a quick read of my book.  I have too many on the go at the moment, but I'm really enjoying The Innocents so far.

on my desk wool yarn knitted hat photo an hour day
10:27 - I tidied my desk the night before so the actual surface of the desk is visible now!  I still have a few wee piles going on though - my latest finished knit (details on Wednesday!) and some new yarn to start another project.

photo an hour day wearing wool sweater long tall sally blanket scarf
11.19 - What I'm wearing is a regular part of Photo an Hour day.  Saturday's plans involved going out in the freezing cold, so I had on these Long Tall Sally jeans, a thermal top and new wool sweater.  Well, it was new in the charity shop and I picked it up for the bargain price of £4.  It's too big even for Tam but that just adds to the snuggly effect.  I'm also wearing a Long Tall Sally biker jacket, giant M&S scarf and my hand knit hat and mittens.

bobble hat knitted train scotrail ticket photo an hour day seat
12.23 - Met Tam on the train and settled in for some knitting on the way to Helensburgh.  Yup, this photo an hour bears a large similarity to May's one!

photo an hour day helensburgh tapas ice cream sign retro sangria
13:07 - We wandered along to the square, popped into a few charity shops and admired the retro decor outside the ice cream shops.  Apparently that's what Helensburgh does best - ice cream and thrifting.  There was no question of trying somewhere new for lunch since we both liked the tapas place so much last time.  I had a glass of sangria and stuffed myself on potatoes, cheese and vegetables.  Oh, and bread.  Always bread.

old school helensburgh photo an hour day
14.52 - After lunch we wandered around the remaining charity shops then along to the Victoria Halls to check out a craft fair, then back down to the sea front where we saw this gorgeous old school building.  It had an ugly modern extension that I carefully avoided getting into the picture, although a tiny part sneaked in on the right.

coffee cup photo an hour day
16.46 - Apparently I missed an hour in there...  We got the train back at 3-ish and got off at the Glasgow charity shops since Tam never really gets to go to those ones, then went back to the flat to sit.  Sitting is good.

knitting jumper wool yarn red photo an hour day
19.18 - I have a better reason for missing this chunk of pictures.  When we got home I stuck the heating on and after a while we realised it wasn't getting any warmer.  Yup, after two days of use this winter, the boiler has packed in.  After trying every way I know to fix it, calling my gas engineer brother, combing through the manual and finally standing with flatmate just staring at it, it's still not working.  Fingers crossed the letting agent bothers to email me back at some point.  Eventually, I just went back to my knitting with a blanket in tow.

movie universal laptop photo an hour day

20.44 - We ordered sushi for dinner to make things easy, although it took over an hour to appear and the curry was cold, so not sure how much better it was than me cooking something.  Afterwards we put a film on (Unbroken, very good) and I got another knitted pressie nearly finished, so the day was somewhat productive in the end...

Thanks to Jane and Louisa for hosting!  Check out their blogs for the next date - I'm hoping for Boxing Day but that'd be a bit later than usual...  Also how is it only a month until Christmas?!


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