Thursday, 26 November 2015

Plaids and pockets

check plaid dress charity shop navy blue pockets cardigan m&s
pockets check plaid dress charity shop cardigan m&s
tan leather ankle boots office indiana
I've been living in this dress lately.  At least once a week, it gets pulled out my wardrobe for another outing, which may not sound like that often, but I do have a lot of stuff in there!  I'm not a hoarder until it comes to yarn or pretty clothing, it turns out.

The dress was a Brighton bargain, one that needed only a small alteration to make it wearable.  It was a rare find, in that it was my favourite colour, fitted perfectly, was long enough and - always a winning attribute - had pockets.  Giant patch pockets, to be precise.  So far they've just been used for holding my permanent tissue stash, but it's a bit classier than stuffing them up my sleeves anyway.  The cardigan was also a charity shop find, this time from a few weeks ago when Tam and I had a last minute stop on the way home and stumbled into a shop that was both reasonably priced and stuffed with goodies.  Well, it was from my point of view since I left with a cardigan, two jumpers (one brand new) and two tops for a grand total of £12 - I have no idea if Tam actually bought anything!

And then there's the boots.  I must admit, I'm a bit disappointed at how quickly they're showing wear, although I've been wearing them pretty often too.  I guess they'll just look all distressed and loved at the end of winter...

What's everyone else wearing in this miserable climate?  Any charity shop bargains?

cardigan - M&S via charity shop
dress - handmade via charity shop
boots - Office (on sale!)


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