Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Buyer's Archive - October

Last year, I started keeping a note of the clothes I was buying.  My spending habits had decreased in recent times and I was craving more space and less stuff.  Being mindful about what my money went on with regards to non-necessities seemed like the logical place to start.  I had an idea to compare my purchases from this time last year to the ones I've made this year and see if there's any change, and if I wasted my money on stuff that didn't last, or that I changed my mind about.

This post has the easiest beginning ever, since last October I spent precisely nothing on clothes.  Yup, absolutely zero pounds.  Obviously I didn't manage to repeat that success this year but I've definitely been more restrained overall.  I had a saving goal I wanted to hit this month and I made it!  And I also finally got a pair of boots that ticked all my very specific boxes.  Scroll down for more on them...

office indiana tan leather ankle boots

Office Indiana Tan Boots - £64
I think I'm gonna write a whole separate post on the utter faff that I went through in picking a new pair of boots, but let's skip past that story at the moment and focus on the main point.  I got new boots!  There's not much I can say that I ever really need in terms of clothing but these were definitely on the 'must buy' list.  To recap, my super specific guidelines for purchasing were as follows:

- must not have zips
- must have a small heel
- must go with both black and navy clothing
- must go with most of my winter wardrobe (so, as above point basically)

These gorgeous Office ankle boots ticked all the boxes and although they're a little big, I decided to hang onto them in the end.  I wore them on Saturday and walked all around the west end, and they held up very well, only rubbing a tiny bit on one toe on my way home.  They're currently on the Office site for £80 but I managed to snag them on offer with 20% off and free postage - Office seems to have a few discount codes around at the moment so it could be worth searching for one before buying.

charity shops purchases bhs dress new blue stripes wool mens cardigan

BHS stripe jersey dress via charity shop - £4.99
Honestly, I'm a little underwhelmed with my other two purchases of the month.  This dress was brand new and looks just my style and, although I like it on, it's really more of a summer dress.  I never seem to learn that lighter colours don't really work for me.  I'm going to try it with tights and boots to see how it looks since I'll be disappointed if I have to put it away til next summer!

Wool cardigan via charity shop - £5.99
I loved this cardigan when I picked it up on our last weekend away.  I tried it on in the shop and it fit great and I even liked the olive colour.  After a wash in the bath (where I realised we didn't have a plug for the kitchen sink then had to call Mother to check exactly how to hand wash something.  Hashtag adulting fail.) and a quick spin dry in the machine (and another call to Mother to check that was possible, since it did say no washing machines on the label) it was good to go.  Except it wasn't.  Why did it suddenly make my shoulders look massive?  Did I wash it wrong?  Did I suddenly bulk up?  (No, I didn't call Mother to check.)  It's now sitting on the ironing pile waiting for me to attack the sleeves in an attempt to make it work again.  

Total spend for October 2015 was... £74.98.  I think all this month's purchases are of the 'wait and see' variety, in that I'm now interested to discover if they hold up until this time next year when I can evaluate their usefulness.  I'm still not really in a clothes shopping mood and enjoying saving money, plus there's Christmas shopping to think about soon, so here's hoping November will be a quiet one too.  

What's everyone been buying lately?  


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