Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Yarn Along

knitting cable hat aran yarn shirley jackson library book paperback

Knitting - Pickles close cable hat
A Christmas present for my uncle, this hat has been ideal for using up more of the leftover aran yarn from Tam's sweater.  Still, I think after I'm done here I'll still have about 500g in my stash.  Maybe he also needs a scarf and mittens...  (I'm talking about Tam and my uncle here.  They could both have matching accessories and I'd still have wool to spare.)

Speaking of knitting, my crafty plans are coming along nicely, if not quite as quickly as I'd like.  I keep reminding myself that I have over a month to get most things done, but I have some flexi hours stacked up at work if I go into panic mode and need extra time to finish something!  I'm done with my cousin's present and Matilda's one, although my Christmas window is definitely shaping up to be less impressive than last year.  I haven't been hit with any design inspiration and to be honest, I'm choosing to let go of any (self-imposed) pressure and just see what happens.  I'll have SOMETHING to hang up anyway, even if it's not quite on par with the thrilling 'minion Christmas party' of last year.

Reading - 'We have always lived in the castle' by Shirley Jackson
I popped along to the library last night to pick up this book - I'd heard talk of it being good so I ordered it on the app and it turned up super quick.  Glasgow Libraries are either super fast or deathly slow at delivering book orders it seems...  I also had a quick browse and found a couple of other books I liked the look of - good for supporting my local library but bad for reducing my own pile of books to be read!  I think I might be in for another spooky read with this one.  Who's read it?

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