Saturday, 5 December 2015

An archive Christmas window

christmas window display work knitted lights jumpers minions
It's December again, which means Christmas Window Month has arrived at work!  My colleague and I started this 'event' last year to give everyone a chance to share their creativity and bring a bit of colour to the place - when you work in a building that has more internal windows than views of the outside world, life literally gets a bit dull at times.  We were the first ones to get organised and put our own creations on display this year, so take a look at what I've made.

bobble hat bunting christmas window knitted pompoms crochet lights
tiny knitted christmas jumpers sweaters window display
christmas minions cracker knitted old film standard 8
christmas window display old film reindeer pompom minion santa
No surprise, mine is (mostly) yarn based.  I had less time for sorting things out this year since I decided to make more gifts than I originally planned for, but I think it worked out fine.  The Christmas jumpers, 'paper' chains and holiday lights are recycled from last year and my small remaining supply of minions were brought out again.  The day I left for the Christmas holidays last December, half our staff asked for their own so I found myself distributing them around the building!

The bobble hat bunting is new and I blogged about it here.

The film element was a last minute addition that I rather love.  Last week I was shredding old films that we were getting rid of (yup, I totally felt like a murderer of memories, although it was an oddly satisfying task) and I had a brainwave to keep one of the standard 8 reels back and make the window somewhat relevant to the workplace.

As for the non-handmade elements, the string of lights were from Home Bargains last year (a whole 99p if I remember correctly), the pompom reindeer were from Tesco and the felt hearts were a gift from a colleague - I suspect they were also from either Home Bargains or Tesco.

Want to see the window next to mine?  My competition is even fiercer this year - check out that fireplace!  Apparently I work beside a papercraft master...

christmas window design display fireplace tree scene stockings

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