Thursday, 31 December 2015

An imaginary trip to the seaside

blackpool beach tower prom summer
I'm ready for my summer holidays now.  Last year we were cheated out of any agreeable weather, so Tam and I went all the way to Brighton in order to get some heat in our bones.  This year I'm planning ahead.  I'm not expecting any miracles where the temperatures are concerned, but I'm definitely putting together a list of possible locations early.  My main priority?  Somewhere by the sea.  Whether it's a cheesy tourist resort or a tiny beach town, I'm willing to consider them all.  Here's what I've narrowed it down to so far...

Stonehaven - Home to an outdoor pool (heated of course) and within walking distance of the stunning Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven jumped straight to the top of my list when Tam mentioned it the other day.  The pool is only open in summer but that sounds like the perfect time for a midnight swim.

Machrihanish - I'm still holding out hope that I'll get to try surfing at some point in my life, and Machrihanish on the Mull of Kintyre looks like the perfect place to do just that.  Tam would like camping out and I'd like visiting one of the oldest cinemas in Scotland at nearby Campbeltown.

Llandudno - Ok, Wales didn't go so well for me in the past, but maybe I just need to see a different side of it.  Here there's a pier complete with a penny arcade full of vintage slot games, a beautiful beach and cable cars, something I've wanted to try out since childhood.

Barry Island - So it turns out Barry Island is not an island.  The things you discover when researching holidays...  It might be a fair way to go just for some cheese-tastic fun but I'd love to see the funfair and spot locations from Gavin and Stacey.

blackpool north pier sunset summer
St Ives - I've been saying I want to go to Cornwall for such a long time and it's a bit ridiculous I still haven't made it.  This year we narrowed it down to London or Cornwall for our September break, but ultimately chose London because we weren't fussed on flying.  My mum would love it here - the culture, sunshine and shopping are exactly what she looks for when we go away and I think St Ives would give us all these.

Blackpool - Sure, I've been a few times before, but I love how unapologetically tacky Blackpool is.  For some reason we missed a trip around the Illuminations on our last visit so I'd like to squeeze that in, along with gambling all my 2p's away and riding the rollercoasters.

Margate - Another place we had on our list this year that got bumped for an alternative.  For some reason, whenever I hear 'Margate' I think of ice cream and holiday camps and walking on the promenade.  I'm also wearing a vintage sundress in this vision so chances are I'm completely making it all up.

Has anyone booked their holidays yet?  Any favourite seaside places in the UK?

*post written in collaboration with Travelodge*


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