Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Denim, stripes and crazy knits

charity shop outfit vintage cardigan denim pinafore dress layers ankle boots office
charity shop outfit vintage cardigan denim pinafore dress layers ankle boots office
office indiana boots shoes tan ankle leather western cowboy style
It's a shame I never seem to find much in the way of awesome shoes in the charity shops, otherwise I could say this outfit was totally made up of secondhand bargains.  Well, not the tights and socks obviously.  That'd be kinda gross.  They count firmly as underwear in my brain though, which doesn't really count as part of an outfit.  Even though it's a necessary starting point each time you get dressed...  Let's move on.

I realised I hadn't had this cardigan on for ages when I pulled it out the wardrobe.  It's one of those things that I'm conscious doesn't really work with many of my clothes because of the amazing/crazy design.  This denim pinafore is one of very few plain dresses I own, so they were clearly meant to be together.  I'm still wearing the disappointing boots - I sort of stopped caring that they look a bit scruffy and instead I'm viewing them as on their way to being perfectly fitted to my feet.

This was Sunday's outfit, the only day I was around at midday.  Okay, 2pm.  I was in bed at midday.  Awake and crocheting, but definitely not prepared for the day.  Tam and I decided to go a wee walk and get some lunch and cake (we're ridiculously predictable) so I took the chance to snap some quick outfit pictures and also photograph my latest finished craft project.  It'll be on the blog tomorrow but in the meantime, my dress can serve as a bit of a clue as to what it is...

cardigan - charity shop
tshirt - Tu via charity shop
dress - charity shop
socks - Target


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