Thursday, 10 December 2015

Dinner at Beefeater, Newton Mearns

festive menu beefeater newton mearns christmas glasgow
Unlimited chips.  Has there ever been a sweeter sentence spoken that contains those words?  As someone who could eat a bowl of chips every day for the rest of her life (okay, more than a bowl, let's be honest), I think not.  Turns out, the people that make the menus at Beefeater agree with me - they offer bottomless refills not only on their soft drinks but also on their chips.  That might just be the cleverest marketing idea I've ever heard.

I'm getting ahead of myself though.  When I was invited to test out Beefeaters new festive menu at the Castle in Newton Mearns, I had no inkling of the carb-fest that awaited me.  I just made a date with two of my favourite people, Aileen and John, and got mildly excited that I'd be eating my festive meal a few weeks early.  The restaurant is in a handy location right off the motorway, not far from Silverburn and Glasgow city centre, so it was the perfect place to meet.

sharing platter chicken potatoes garlic mushrooms dip festive menu beefeater newton mearns christmas glasgow
Much time was spent poring over the menu after we'd settled ourselves into a booth, although we worked out pretty quickly that the Beefeater Sharing Platter was the only way to go as our starter.  The chilli and lime potato dippers and piri piri chicken wings were the highlight for me - those wings are hot stuff!  Also on the plate was garlic mushrooms, cheesy bread and BBQ mini ribs.  We barely made a dent in the pots of BBQ, blue cheese and ranch dips, but we gave it a good go anyway.

roast turkey dinner vegetables festive menu beefeater newton mearns christmas glasgow
steak unlimited chips peppercorn festive menu beefeater newton mearns christmas glasgow
Then came the main course and my turkey dinner.  I don't eat much meat - in fact, I seem to have a mental block where protein is concerned - but I love all the elements that go into a festive meal.  You've got your turkey, your veg, pigs in blankets, stuffing, roasties and Yorkshires.  And gravy if you're not me, because I love all the elements except that one.  Aileen was fine with it though, and John went for the festive steak with chips and peppercorn sauce.

A few bites in and we all admitted we were somewhat surprised by the quality of the food, not to mention the generous helpings.  I think we all had some preconceptions about chain restaurants and bland pub grub and Beefeater definitely challenged these.  Despite having my turkey sans gravy, it was far from being dry and boring as I feared it might be.  Tender and flavoursome would be a better description, and the accompanying cranberry sauce made it even more exciting.  John's steak was cooked to perfection, although he admitted that the peppercorn could have used a little more kick.

Then there were the chips.  You knew I was working my way back to them, right?  Despite John being the only one to order anything with chips, our awesome server Mark brought us a couple of advance refills when he realised we were all tucking into them.  Light and fat and fluffy with a slightly spiced seasoning dusted onto them, these chips were heavenly.  I said more than once that I'd go back for them alone and Aileen agreed.  In fact, we were still talking about this meal the next day as we drove to work, as we sat down for lunch, as we drove home...

chocolate melt in the middle pudding ice cream festive menu beefeater newton mearns christmas glasgow
costa coffee festive menu beefeater newton mearns christmas glasgow
Unsurprisingly, dessert was also a shared affair.  We got a rich, gooey, chocolate melt-in-the-middle pudding with vanilla ice cream and three spoons, and the others also got fancy festive coffees to round off the meal.  We had a bit too much fun watching those chocolate lattice things melt into the froth...

Thanks to Beefeater for having us and providing us with a lovely meal!  The festive menu is available right up until the 30th of December and prices start from just £15.49 for two courses.  So, what are you waiting for?


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