Wednesday, 16 December 2015

FO - Crochet minion

crochet minion handmade
The minion is done!  I reluctantly handed him over on Monday, but not before taking pictures of course.  I have a tendancy to forget how long it takes to crochet something that has so many different parts to it - I thought he would be finished over a week ago, then Thursday, then Friday...  I finally got everything stitched into place on Saturday, then launched straight into my next (much smaller) crochet project.

So, the details.

crochet minion parts feet arms dungarees
The minion pattern was a fantastic one I found on Ravelry (where else?) - it was very detailed which I appreciated!

I used double knitting yarn doubled up and a 6mm hook to make him big enough - I think the final height was about 9.5 inches.  The pattern says it'll end up at 11 inches tall using a single strand and smaller hook, but my projects always ends up much smaller than they're meant to since I crochet so tightly.  It become clear, after a couple of false starts, that this one was turning out typically Elise sized so it was time to do things my way i.e. double up the yarn and pray.

The body and the dungarees are made separately then stitched together, as are the eyes.  I improvised the straps since I thought they would look too wide if I kept them as the original.  I did the same with the head strap and they both turned out fine.

I didn't really like the hair on the pattern minion, but I'm not sure I like the hair I did on mine either.  He looks a bit bald from certain angles!  I think Bob had less hair than the others in the movies so we'll say he's a Bob.

What do you think?  I was a bit sorry to part with him, especially since I'm not sure I'd put in the effort to make myself one!  It was fun to do something a bit different for a change though.

crochet minion dungarees dress pinafore denim vintage
See why I was saying yesterday that my dress was a clue?  We match!  In that Tam calls this dress my dungarees, and 'Bob' is wearing dungarees, so...

Oh, and since it's Wednesday and Yarn Along day, I may as well tell you that I gave up on last weeks book and moved on to something more interesting - I'm now reading The Movie Doctors by Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode, the almighty film critics.  It's due back at the library in a couple of days but I think it'll be getting renewed and carried around with me over the Christmas holidays - it's too heavy to actually carry around in my bag but I'm sure it can manage a trip in the car when I go home to Mother's next week.


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