Wednesday, 2 December 2015

FO - Bobble hat bunting

tiny knitted bunting letter bobble hats christmas pompoms
tiny knitted bunting letter hats christmas pompoms
I was hoping to show you this year's Christmas window but clever old me left my camera at my friend's house to avoid lugging it around town.  If I'd been using my brain, I'd have taken out the memory card but alas, forward thinking is not my strong point outside of work.  I decided to share some pictures of my latest make anyway, since it's Yarn Along day and all that.  Plus now that it's December the C word can be used freely!  (I mean Christmas - you know that, right?  No swears on here please!)  Despite all the scheduled crafting of presents, I found a bit of time to make some new bunting in the shape of tiny bobble hats.  Alphabet hats!  Or at least the letters that spell out 'Merry Christmas'...

The construction was ridiculously simple.  All it took was some double knitting yarn, a couple of pompom makers and the Innocent Big Knit hat pattern.  I found a letters chart on Pinterest and I was good to go.  I must admit, the execution didn't turn out quite like the image I had in my head but I'm pretty happy with it all the same.  I alternated between red and green yarn, and the cuff section of each hat was made using a mad-coloured wool I found in a charity shop a few months ago.  Since I wanted the bunting to be reasonably long, I made some white pompoms to tie between each hat.

tiny knitted bunting letter hats christmas pompoms
My window isn't unlike last year's design, although I've added one interesting new element...  Come back soon for pictures!  I finished another hat this week but it's not especially noteworthy.  It's nice to have another present ticked off the list though.

Book-wise, I'm back to reading We have always lived in the castle by Shirley Jackson.  It seems to have taken me a long time to get into it, but now I've passed the halfway point I'm speeding along nicely.  I keep expecting a kind of The Others situation, but I'm not really sure that's where it's going.  I'll be a bit disappointed if it does go that way - I do like that kind of story but I hate when I work out the endings to books!  I'm also itching to move onto something else now.

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