Thursday, 24 December 2015

Photo an Hour - December

craft bags boats santa christmas basket
09:14 - I didn't have a very specific plan for Saturday, just a lot of things I needed to tick off my must-do-before-Christmas list.  I had finished my last lot of gift knitting late the previous night so it was a slow start to the day.  Above is some of my crafting stuff - the Santa bag holds all my pompom makers.

crochet bunting christmas tree snowflakes stars garland
10:13 - Another seasonally appropriate picture.  I got my parcel from Jenny's Secret Santa gift swap last week - Philippa and I were swapping with each other and she sent me some awesome festive bunting and some crocheted snowflakes, among other goodies.  My friend was particularly taken with the Game of Thrones themed recipe book!

christmas presents wrapping fair isle knitting theme paper handmade stamped luggage labels
11:50 - I got a burst of energy and took some pictures of my handmade gifts before I did all the wrapping.  Look out for a bumper post after Christmas!  I found some knitting type wrapping paper in Home Bargains and finally got to use the labels I made way back in March.

tartan check plaid pyjamas target
12:49 - Still in my pj's.  I've now forgotten what I was doing, but it must have been productive... surely...  Let's say I was hoovering, that sounds likely.

outfit monsoon dress charity shop mens cardigan
14:12 - Hey, I managed to get dressed!  I'd packed a bag or two for going to Tam's and was ready to go.  Wearing charity shopped cardigan, Monsoon dress and Office boots.

rough collie dog christmas happy
16:36 - Made it to Tam's house!  This cute wee face doesn't stay still long enough to get a good picture, but I love this one anyway.  I got Jake a bag of biscuits from Harry's Treats for Christmas and he went mental when I brought them out.  And then again every time I went near the bag.  I might have to take him some more often!

rough collie dog christmas
17:25 - I know I moved off the couch at some point...  It might not seem like it from these pictures though.  Watching TV with Tam and Jake.  We did some pressie opening in between - I got many goodies, including a vintage milk bottle, a book about Shetland and this jumper from Long Tall Sally.

knitted rib socks christmas
19:05 - Apparently I was too busy eating chips to take a picture at six.  Gotta love a chippy on a Saturday night!  And here's Tam's Elise-made socks!  No surprise, I wasn't really a fan of sock making to begin with, but I got into it towards the end.  Not sewing up seams has got to be the main advantage to this kind of project.

blanket patchwork squares charity christmas knitting
20:23 - Knitting blanket squares.  I got a bunch of pink ones done on Saturday night, some orange ones on Sunday and the rest on Monday.  Now it's taking me the same time again to sew them together.  Sigh.

watching tv christmas minion mug
21:09 - Tea time!  We started watching Life of Pi then recorded the second half and went to bed.  Happily, it was as good as I remembered it from the first watch.

christmas presents food fudge scottish african dark chocolate
22:32 - One of my pressies for Tam - some Scottish fudge and African dark chocolate.  Oddly enough, they're sitting on top of last years Christmas present.

Keep up with Jane and Louisa to find out the date for next year's first Photo an Hour day!


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