Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Yarn Along... in progress

knitting crocheting minion christmas hat beanie tom weir tiny jumper
I've got a few projects on the go this week so I figured I'd just share a bit of each!  No prizes for guessing which is my favourite...  Yup, it's the crochet minion of course.

I'm using this pattern for the minion and it's been super clear so far, although I've been using the yarn doubled up to get the size required - my colleague asked me to make it for her friend and we quickly realised the pattern wasn't going to make it as big and squishy as we were going for, so rather than faffing with gauge I just employed my usual trick of going up a couple of hook sizes and thickening the yarn.  I know, so professional.

The red hat is another commission, this time from a lady on Twitter who was looking for a Tom Weir style beanie.  Since I'm a bit in love with making hats, I was happy to oblige.   Only a pompom to add and it'll be handed over soon.

Another beanie hat from the never-ending stock of charcoal yarn was made for my boss, who's my recipient in Secret Santa this year.  I also made him a tiny 'Christmas' jumper in a replica of his daily uniform of a navy sweater.  Hopefully, he sees the funny side.  I have a tiny coat hanger to add (made from paperclips) and then it'll be ready to be popped into the gift bag, along with some cider and his favourite chocolates.

library book secrets of the sea house paperback cinema paradiso postcard
As for my current reading progress...  Slow is the best word to describe it.  I'm feeling a bit meh about this book, Secrets of the Sea House by Elisabeth Gifford.  Set in the Hebrides, it's one of those stories told with a thread in the past and one in the present, presumably with a crossover at some point.  Mer-people have been mentioned several times but apparently that doesn't make a story as interesting as one would think.  I'm not getting much time to read though so it could just be that I haven't had a chance to really absorb myself in it yet.  I'll keep going for now.

My bookmark is a postcard I found in a shop in Brighton.  One of my favourite movies, immortalised in cardboard?  No way it wasn't coming home with me!

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