Tuesday, 26 January 2016

A trip to Aberdour beach

aberdour sea scotland fife rough collie dog beach walk

aberdour sea scotland fife boat house club

aberdour sea scotland fife front houses beach

aberdour sea scotland fife harbour rope metal ring

aberdour sea scotland fife harbour steps boats yacht

aberdour sea scotland fife harbour life ring

Sunday was a day of last minute plans.  Or no plans, rather.  One of those 'get in the car and see where we end up' days.  Where we ended up was Dalgety Bay - we made it as far as the charity shop and Louie Brown's coffee shop anyway, and it seemed like they were the most important places to go.  I got a few wool shaped bargains in the shop then had amazing lunch (a wrap stuffed with chicken and lettuce) followed by AMAZING cake.  I've mentioned before that I like cake, right?  I went for a chunky slab of millionaire shortbread, but not before the lady at the counter introduced me to the sample board - somewhere that lets me try before I buy (and let's face it, I was never not going to buy) is doing everything right in my opinion.  It might have beat Mother's shortbread but shh, don't tell her.

After all the eating, we needed to walk, so we drove a bit further along the coast to the beach at Aberdour.  Tam and I have already been to the castle and Jake seemed like he'd be more up for messing around on the sand.  He definitely liked that part, and even gamely tested the water, although he emerged very quickly - quicker than Tam anyway, who decided the ridiculously mild weather made it the perfect time for his first dook of the year.  It might be the earliest one yet!  I usually wait until around May to get into the sea...

aberdour sea scotland fife boat club blue door

aberdour sea scotland fife benches sea front beach

aberdour sea scotland fife sea mine fishermen

beach aberdour sea scotland fife dog rough collie

aberdour sea scotland fife in the water dook flowers dried

aberdour sea scotland fife old pier

The beach and the surrounding houses were so charming, I think I might want to retire there instead of East Neuk of Fife.  Some of the houses had gardens that sat right next to the beach, which is luxury in my eyes.  (Wait, I spoke too soon.  I've just been rereading my old posts on East Neuk and it still has the edge.  It's far too beautiful up there.)  I loved that you can look across the water and see Edinburgh - the castle, the high rises, Arthurs Seat...  It was strange to be surrounded by all that calmness and see the city!

How was everyone's weekend?  Who's been to Aberdour?


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