Thursday, 7 January 2016

A trip to Culross

christmas wreath blue door culross scotland

biscuit cafe culross scotland vintage pottery lamps scales

cobbled street old buildings houses culross scotland

tiny christmas trees window box display baubles culross scotland

new playpark culross childrens playground lighthouse

Tam and I had many grand plans for our week off together over new year.  We were going to re-explore some of our favourite places, take Jake on lots of walks and eat lunch somewhere different every day.  Then, weather happened and our plans were pretty much useless.  We forget far too often that we live in Scotland.  Or I'm just far more optimistic than I give myself credit for.  Either way, it's a problem.

A couple of mini outings were manageable though - there was a wander around Falkirk, where we ate sushi and scored some charity shop bargains, although the few Hobbycraft sale shelves were disappointing compared to last year, and then on Saturday it stayed dry long enough for us to stretch our legs at Culross.

running dog rough collie promenade culross scotland

running dog rough collie promenade scotland culross

running dog rough collie prom scotland culross

walking culross new wooden pier seaside scotland

For anyone who hasn't visited yet, the most important thing to know about Culross is that it's a photographers dream.  The cobbles, the old buildings, the shoreline...  All make it pretty much impossible to take a bad picture.  On past visits, we've been to the palace and the abbey and admired the Outlander backdrops at Mercat Cross, but this time was just about lunching and walking the dog.  

The pub we planned to go to wasn't serving food so we ended up at the Biscuit Cafe for toasted sandwiches, then we fetched Jake and made our way along the path by the shore.  He thoroughly enjoyed racing back and forth, unaware of our sneaky attempts to tire him out, although he refused to walk on the pier since the boards were spaced a bit too far apart for his liking.  Smart dog, wish I'd done that.

rocks shore seaside culross pier building scotland

giant crab culross pier scotland

christmas tree lights culross new wooden pier walking

pier culross new wooden wind sign scotland

I walked gingerly out to the pier end and back, clutching the rail with one hand and my camera with the other.  Of course, a clever person would have stuck the camera in its bag and concentrated more on getting out there in one piece, but I've never claimed to be a clever person.  I did get to see a giant crab on the rocks though, so I guess it was worth it.

Check out more Culross adventures here.  Has anyone been?


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