Wednesday, 20 January 2016

FO - Blankets for babies

knitted crochet baby gift blanket cardigan girl

It's been a while since a baby blanket showed up here.  The steady stream of new parents helpfully slowed down in time for all my Christmas knitting, although by the time the holidays arrived I had two blankets to finish working on.

baby blanket #knitforwinter knitted patchwork charity

baby blanket #knitforwinter knitted patchwork charity

The first was a patchwork blanket for the premature baby unit at St George's Hospital in London.  Sunrise Living are running a #KnitForWinter campaign to encourage others to make up some hats and blankets for the hospital and they very kindly sent me some yarn and needles to make my own cosy contribution.

I used Stylecraft Special Chunky in Pomegranate and Spice, knit up 49 squares and mattress stitched them together.  The knitting part was super quick, the sewing part... not so much.  I knew there was a reason I knit everything on circular needles where possible.  I love how the finished blanket looks though, so it was worth it and I'd love to make them more regularly.  The patterns are on the Sunrise Living blog at the link above if anyone wants to join in with some baby themed crafts.

giant granny square baby blanket crochet DK yarn stylecraft

knitted baby cardigan rowan silver pattern DK yarn pink blue green

My next blanket was a gift for Louisa and it was a work in progress for many months.  I started it back in the autumn and kept putting it down when a more pressing make came up.  Plus too much crochet leaves me a bit disheartened - it grows so slowly!  It came out just how I wanted though (a giant granny square) and I like that the edging looks better than I expected it to.  It's all made in Stylecraft Special DK - it's a pretty rare occurrence that all my project yarn comes from the same brand but I had a voucher to use and this stuff is perfect for blankets.

The baby cardigan was one I made about a year ago.  It seems it was just waiting for the perfect recipient.  I wanted to try out Rowan's Silver pattern and just used some odds of DK that I had lying around.  It's a good project for stash-busting!  I think the pattern recommended Aran yarn (at least, that's what I've always assumed 'worsted' to be) but some tweaking of the needle size and stitch count got me the right gauge eventually.  I have another one in progress at the moment using Aran so hopefully it'll work out again...

Since it's Yarn Along day, I may as well add what I've been reading.  I just finished Letters from Skye by Jessica Brockmole (predictable but lovely - I'm a sucker for a love story these days) and now I'm reading Attachments by Rainbow Rowell since it's been on my Goodreads To-Read list for ages.  I'm not fussed on her writing so far but I'm crossing my fingers the story will get interesting soon.

What's everyone knitting right now?

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