Wednesday, 13 January 2016

FO - Bobble Cowl

knitted bobble cowl scarf round neck house print dress

Here it is - my first finished knit of 2016!  After giving the bobble cowl to my friend (who conveniently misplaced her matching beret a few weeks ago) I'm pleased to report that it was well received.  In fact, the comments were mostly along the 'never taking it off unless I have to shower' lines so that's as good a reaction as I could have hoped for, right?

I consulted a couple of patterns in the making of the cowl - Duotone for the structure and Irish Eyes for the bobbles.  They had to match the hat of course!  The body of the scarf is a tube shape knit on the round, which made for a nice mindless project and meant it was completed more quickly than I expected.

knitted bobble cowl

I didn't want the bobbles to be too much, so I only did one column of them in a diagonal wave - there's a bobble every ten rows and they move in multiples of four each time i.e. with the first one I knit 4 stitches then made a bobble, then 10 rows later I knit 8 stitches then made the bobble, and so on.

The project used exactly 200g of double knitting merino yarn, slightly less than I thought I had leftover, so it's good to know something like this can be made with so little yarn.  Yes, apparently I only think to weigh my yarn at the end.  It's big enough to wrap around the neck twice though, exactly what I wanted.

failed kitchener stitch bobble cowl knitted

I stumbled a bit on the kitchener stitch at the end and it ended up a bit less neat than I was hoping for, but it was good practise anyway.  It took a couple of watches of this video and an episode of 'And then there were none' to work things out and find my rhythm, but by the second episode it was looking vaguely how it was supposed to.  I managed about 1.5 total circuits of the bobbles so sadly they don't match up at the seams, although I took detailed notes in case I ever fancy making another one, so it should work out better next time!

How's everyone's knitting plans going this year?  I've started a couple more things, most excitingly something for me!

p.s. please excuse my derp face, it seems I was not ready for my close up.

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