Friday, 15 January 2016

Navy and novelty prints

house print shirt dress mantaray debenhams charity shop navy

I had a very productive morning on Saturday in which, among other things, I tackled my tiny ironing pile.  Since I didn't get a good photo of the house print dress for Buyer's Archive, I decided it had to be shown off properly when I had the chance.  Sure, there was a glimpse of it on Wednesday's post, but you want to see the whole thing, right?

I love the drawstring waist and cuffed sleeves, and I'm even coming around to the collar-free neckline, not a style that normally looks good on me but I think it works here.  The green accents have taken my fancy too, since it means I can pair them with my new-ish socks!  I rarely wear green clothing but when I found these I was just drawn to them, despite my brain telling me to go for the more sensible burgundy option.  Clearly my brain didn't know what it was talking about.

thermal zigzag green thick boot socks marks and spencer

Thermal tights might have worked better with my thermal socks since it was freezing outside at the weekend.  We took the subway down to Govan for a wander around - there wasn't much in the way of interesting shops but the architecture was fantastic.  

dress - Mantaray @ Debenhams via charity shop
socks - M&S
boots - H&M

house print dress pleated hair french plait

Happy Friday!  Has anyone got exciting weekend plans?  I went to the library last night and came home with a big fat stack of books so I'm all sorted.


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