Monday, 18 January 2016

Photo an Hour - January

running bright top nikon camera DSLR selfie

08:06 - I'm up and trying to motivate myself for a run.  I'm fine once I get dressed but it's the part in between bed and clothes that trips me up.  So much cold.  Outside it was frosty and oh-so-freezing and I regretted not adding a fleece to my outfit, but I had a good run and even caught a glimpse of the sunrise between some houses.

scotland print desk camera lens pencil pot floppy disc DIY

09:01 - Home and about to get in the shower.  I didn't manage to heat up during the entire 3.98 miles (how annoying is that mileage?) but I did get to play with a dog called Max that looked very happy about the attention.  Tam got me this print for Christmas and I mostly love it because I nearly bought him the exact same one!  Great minds...

ciabatta bread olive oil balsamic vinegar breakfast

09:40 - My favourite breakfast right now - a ciabatta roll with oil and balsamic for dipping.

laptop keys word

10:58 - Getting down to business and updating my CV.  I had planned to reformat the whole thing but changed my mind when I realised how much longer that would take.  

11:34 - It started snowing, so I was up at the window with my camera, snapping away.  I'm not really a fan but it did make for some nice pictures.  I thought I'd try to attach a video here for a change - fingers crossed it works!

knitting red yarn cable scarf

13:34 - I'm not sure where that missing hour went but there was knitting and Outlander all afternoon since my plan to go to Tam's was scuppered by the weather.  In reality, the trains were running ok but I didn't fancy getting stuck somewhere.

outlander tv show laptop

dormouse tea cosy knitted tea pot vintage blue china cup yarn

14:20 - Still watching Outlander.  I got hooked on it pretty quickly - it's nice to watch a show where I'm not cringing at our rough Scottish accents!  They just sort of blend in here.  The knitwear spotting is pretty fun too, as is the location game - every few minutes I'll spot somewhere we've been, or if we haven't, I'll be frantically Googling to find out where it is.  I also took a notion to get the teapot out.  If I can't be out having fun I may as well be surrounded by yarn and hot drinks.

yarn covered sheep wall hook

15:39 - Mother got me this sheep hook thing at the craft fair last year.  Since it hangs between the mirror and the door, it's mostly used for holding my keys and Spin Pins.

snowing trees glasgow

15:54 - The snow paused briefly.  It might be inconvenient but it looks damn pretty.

linlithgow train station snow night

17:18 - I finally manned up and just got on the train.  Tam met me at the other end and we went out for dinner with his family.  It was also snowing on the east coast, although it had a few hours of catch-up to do to be on par with Glasgow.

linlithgow town hall monument night snow

18:44 - Everyone else went to the panto after dinner (I know.  In January.  I was confused too.) so Tam and I walked along to the town hall to take some pictures.

train knitting hat chunky yarn

19:32 - Train knitting!  I making a hat, which you'll see more of in a minute...

bikes snow floral vintage blouse hand knitted cardigan

20:04 - I found some snow-covered bikes on the way home.  My flatmate was ranting about being caught in the background of everyone's Instagram pictures since he reckoned the whole street was out taking photos of the snow.  I decided not to tell him about Photo an Hour...  Also, I forgot to document my outfit earlier, a Photo an Hour tradition!  I'm wearing my jazzy blouse, a cardigan knit for me by Mother and Long Tall Sally jeans.

double knit coloured rainbow yarn

21:18 - Searching in vain for ways to make my room look more interesting...  Settled on a pic of the yarn I have laid out for my next blanket.  I think it'll be a more rainbow coloured version of the bottom one in this post.  It's for a boy but I don't want to go totally blue.

scallop knitted hat chunky grey pink orange

22:30 - I finished the hat I started earlier in the day.  I had the idea for this in my head for a while and decided to just knit it up, thus avoiding the very cabled scarf I'm also working on.  I love how cables look but actually knitting them winds me up after a while.

letters from skye paperback library book bedcover floral butterfly BHS

22:56 - A later bedtime than I've had all week - I've been preferring to get lost in a book and this was my third of the week, although since picking up my knitting again the reading has slowed.  Letters from Skye is a nice easy read all written in letter format, with chapters alternating between the first and second World Wars.

Thanks to Louisa and Jane for hosting.  Keep an eye on Jane's blog for the next date!


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